Billy Moyer Becomes First Three-Time Jackson 100 Champion at Brownstown

Brownstown, IN – August 13/14 – Billy Moyer of Batesville, AK started the night in the 10th, but when the evening was done, he sat in position number one. The 1997 Hav-A-Tampa Dirt Racing Series Champion scored the win Saturday night in the 20th Annual Jackson 100 at Brownstown Speedway in race number 30 of the Hav-A-Tampa Dirt Racing Series national championship tour. The win for Moyer made him the first driver to have three wins in the prestigious Midwest classic. The win was Moyer’s first at Brownstown since 1995, and it was the 12th career win for the popular speedster at Brownstown.

Marshall Green and Steve Francis brought the 26-car starting field down to the green flag, with Francis jumping to the lead, trailed by Green, Bob Pierce, Bill Frye, and Billy Moyer. Moyer went to fifth on the first lap, after starting the race in 10th position. As everyone began to spread out and get settled in for the 100-lap grind, Francis continued to pull away, as Green, Pierce, and Frye waged war for the second spot, racing three-wide on occasion, with Moyer still in tow. At the one-third point of the race on lap 33, the top five were Francis, Frye, Moyer, Pierce, and a fading Green. Moyer would continue to slowly advance forward as he and Frye dueled for the runner-up spot, with Moyer gaining the position for good at the midpoint of the event. With the leader, Francis, working slower traffic, Moyer began the process of reeling in the leader. On lap 64, Moyer would show Francis the nose of the car in turn three, but Francis would stave off that challenge. Moyer would again challenge for the lead on lap 67, as the lead duo raced side-by-side for lead, with Moyer taking the lead on lap 68, when Francis attempted to stay close on the hub and Moyer went ot the middle of turn four and executed what would turn out to be the winning pass. With 15 laps to go, Moyer had stretched his to almost a complete straightaway over Freancis.

Th only caution of the race flew on lap 93, as Brian Birkhofer came to a halt on the outside edge of turn one, after dumping the driveshaft in his mount. This would set up an eight-lap shootout to the finish that would see Moyer put his familiar Petroff Towing #21 GRT Chassis in victory lane. After the restart, Bob Pierce would race Grancis for the runner-up sport, with Pierce squeezing by Francis right at the end. Frye would finish fourth, with Rick Aukland fifth. Local hotsoe Don O’Neal would lead the second five at the finish, tailed closely by Rick Eckert, Freddy Smith, Skip Arp, and Jim Curry.

Moyer would also receive the 3rd Annual Louis Alhbrand Achievement Award for advancing the most positions during the event. Moyer started 10th and finished first and received a pewter presentation and $1,000 from the Ahlbrand family.

In companion action Saturday evening, the UMP Modifieds were in action and their feature saw Todd Gilpin take the lead. At the drop of the green he would lead until lap 18, when Randy Petro caught the leader and that duo raced side-by-side for lead until lap 21, when Petro took the lead for good and would go on to score his fifth UMP Modified feature win of the season at Brownstown. The win for Petro was also his tenth career win at Brownstown in the open-wheel division. Trailing Petro’s Greenwood Lawn Care, Tyree’s Trim Shop, RPR #95 Lightning Chassis mount, was Gilpin, with John DeMoss third. Adam Sasser and Matt Bocknecht would complete the top five. Nelson Gingery, Brad Erwin, Scott Patman, Richie Hedrick, and Keith Deppe completed the top ten.

In companion action on Friday night, it was Greg Kendall of Paoli, IN who fought off a tight race car and a hard charging Earl Plessinger in the waning laps to garner top honors in the 25-lap Street Stock feature. It was Kendall’s first win at the track after eight years of trying to gain a victory and the win came in only his second visit in Brownstown this season. The Kendall Truck and Parts, Felker Racing Engines #44 Checkered Chassis by Kim Blevins was victorious over Plessinger, Tim Clark, Joey Kramer, and Greg O’Neill. Rounding out the top ten were Mike Fields, who finished sixth after going to the rear after suffering a flat tire. Eddie Kindred, Dave Barnett, Trent Niflis, who also h ad to go to the end after a spin, and Kevin Jones.

SUMMARY – Brownstown Speedway – Brownstown, IN – August 13/14, 1999
Hav-A-Tampa Dirt Racing Series Late Models
Top Qualifier – Skip Ark 15.929
Borla Muffler – 1st Heat – Marshall Green, Arp, Freddy Smith, C.J. Rayburn
Borla Muffler – 2nd Heat – Steve Francis, Bill Frye, Billy Moyer, Doug Ault
Borla Muffler – 3rd Heat – Bob Pierce, Steve Barnett, Billy Drake, Jim Curry
Borla Muffler – 4th Heat – Rick Aukland, Rick Eckert, Don O’Neal, Dan Schlieper
Pace American Trailers 1st Consy – Ray Cook, Wendell Wallace, Kevin Claycomb
Polaris ATV’s 2nd Consy – Scott Bloomquist, Dale McDowell, Bob Pohlman
Hav-A-Tampa Provisionals – Brian Birkhofer, Shannon Babb
Travck Provisionals – Marty O’Neal, Scott Smith
JAKCKSON 100 – Moyer Pierce, Francis, Frye, Aukland, Don O’Neill, Eckert, Freddy Smith, Arp, Curry, Cook, Bloomquist, Drake, McDowell, Babb, Rayburn, Pohlman, Wallace Ault,, Birkhofer, Schleper, Scott Smith, Green, Marty O’Neal, Claycomb, Barnett

UMP Modifieds
1st Heat – Todd Gilpin, Brad Cummings, Brian Yeatman, Don Parson
2nd Heat – Randy Petro, Brad Erwin, Michael Bradley, Tim Prince
3rd Heat – Keith Deppe, John DeMoss, Matt Bocknecht, Scott Patman
4th Heat – Al Flick, Eddie Kindred, Kevin Jones, Jeremy Hines
1st Consy – Matt Bocknecht, Steve Pyles, Greg Wheeler, Barry Gerkin
2nd Consy – Dave Barnett, Jerry Adams, Jason Hehman, Donnie Wilson
Feature: Kendell, Plessinger, Clark, Kramer, O’Neill, Fields, Kindred, Barnett, Niflis, Jones, Green, Hines, Flick, Pyles, Roberts, Bocknecht, Johnson, Moor, Smiley, Adams

Street Stocks
1st Heat – Joey Kramer, Greg O'Neill, Rusty Smiley, Gary Green
2nd Heat – Earl Plessinger, Tim Clark, Joe Johnson, J.D. Roberts
3rd Heat – Mike Fields, Greg Kendall, Trent Niflis, Randy Moore
4th Heat – Al Flick, Eddie Kindred, Kevin Jones, Jeremy Hines
1st Consy – Matt Boknecht, Steve Pyles, Greg Wheeler, Barry Gerkin
2nd Consy – Dave Barnett, Jarry Adams, Jason Hehman, Donnie Wilson
Feature: Kendall, Plessinger, Clark, Kramer, O'Neill, Fields, Kindred, Barnett, Niflis, Jones, Green, Hines, Flick, Pyles, Roberts, Boknecht, Johnson, Moore, Smiley, Adams