Last Lap Pass Net Victory for "The Franklin Flyer" at Brownstown Speedway

Brownstown, IN-June 24- First Class Business Systems/Voyager.Net Night at Brownstown speedway yielded some wicked race action as rain showers caused two rain-delays in the action, but made for a lightning-fast race surface that saw drivers use every inch of the 1/4 mile bullring.

Steve Barnett of Franklin, IN scored his 31st career Brownstown win in the Late Model feature, while Bruce Walkup won the first-ever U.S. Dwarf Car feature at Brownstown. Matt Bex won the Bomber feature, with Tim Clark winning the rain-shortened Super Stock main event.

The Late Model feature saw the initial start fail as Brad Barrow got sideways in turn three and
collected Jeff Mounce in the process. The second green attempt would be a go with Brett Davis jumping to the lead with Richie Hedrick, Jim Curry, Steve Barnett, and Randy Petro in pursuit. A spin by Mark Barber would slow the action on lap 2, with the restart seeing Davis again pull away, with Barnett and Petro passing Curry on the restart. Lap 3 would see another caution as Cale Kern stopped in turn two with left front suspension damage after making contact with another car a half-lap earlier in turn three. Spins by Mark Bechelli and Doug Ault on the attempted restarts kept the field under caution. The fifth restart of the race again saw Davis rim-ride away from the field, with Barnett grabbing second from Hedrick on lap 4. Curry and Hedrick would then trade the third spot three times until Hedrick secured the place on lap 5.
Caution waved again as the speedsters were working lap 9 as Scott Smith looped his mount in turn two.

The restart would see Curry and Petro touch going down the backchute and both spun wildly off of the track in turn three, with Curry not stopping and getting his spot back in the running order. The final restart of the event would see leader Davis slide over the banking exiting turn two, giving the lead to Barnett and shuffling Davis back to fourth. At this point, Barnett and Hedrick began a wicked duel for the lead, with Hedrick snatching the top spot away on lap 14, while Ernie Barrow had quietly worked his way into fifth at this time. While the battle up front stayed hot, the battle for fifth between Barrow, Steven Godsey, and Doug Ault would just as tough, with Godsey grabbing fifth away from Barrow on lap 20. Problems would stop Curry's third place run as he pulled pitside with mechanical problems on lap 23. The final two laps would see Hedrick and Barnett in slower traffic and as the duo received the white flag on lap 24, Barnett closed right up on the backbumper of Hedrick in turn one and pulled alongside of Hedrick as the pair raced down the backchute and into turn three. As the duo battled off of turn four side-by-side for the win, Hedrick slid a bit wide and opened the door for Barnett to take the win by a car length over Hedrick in his Bradley Chevrolet, Franklin Power Products, Pleasant Heating and Cooling, Spears Auto Parts, AFCO Shocks #89 GRT entry. Davis would have a great run to come home third, with Godsey and Doug Ault completing the top five. Ernie Barrow, Mark Bechelli, Mike Bechelli, Petro, and Greg Ault would round out the top ten.

The U.S. Dwarf Car feature would see Bruce Walkup of Sullivan, IN take the lead with four laps
remaining to the take the 20 lap win. Mark Friday would finish second, with Matt Neely, Tony Madlem, and Tony Courtney completing the top five. Rounding out the top ten were T.J.
Farrer, Greg Davis, Mike Terry, Scott Goodman, and Doug Witt.

The Bomber feature saw Matt Bex of Avoca, IN score his sixth win of the year in his Bailey
Flowers, Tucker Transmissions, East Vending, Cummings Race Engines #31 Performer Chassis. Larry Harris would make a last lap pass to grab second, with Sam Chastain, Tim Clark, and Robert Walters third through fifth. Tony Mahoney would lead the second five, followed by Charlie Stevens, Bubba Woods, Greg Benton, and John Phelps.

The Super Stock feature would be rain-shortened due to the third rain of the night. Tim Clark of
North Vernon, IN was the leader when the rains came and got his second win of the season in his The Fabric Outlet, Right Auto Parts, Majestic Electric, Miller Tire Center #1. Greg Kendall would be second, with Brad Cummings. Keith Deppe and Mike Fields completed the top five.
Rounding out the top ten were Jerry Adams, Rusty Smiley, J.D. Roberts, Joe Johnson, and Jay Deckard.

SUMMARY- Brownstown Speedway-Brownstown, Indiana-June 24, 2000
Top Qualifier- Jim Curry 15.857
1st Heat- Richie Hedrick, Jim Curry, Steve Barnett, Steve Godsey
2nd Heat- Brett Davis, Cale Kern, Marty O'Neal, Mark Bechelli
3rd Heat- Randy Petro, Ernie Barrow, Doug Ault, Mark Barber
Consy- Scott Smith, John Finn, Dennis Boknecht, A.J. Bingham, Greg Ault
Feature- Barnett, Hedrick, Davis, Godsey, Doug Ault, Ernie Barrow, Mark
Bechelli, Mike Bechelli, Petro, Greg Ault, Smith, Finn, Jeff Mounce, Boknecht, Bingham, Curry, Marty O'Neal, Mark Barber, Brad Barrow, Kern

U.S. Dwarf Cars
1st Heat- Bruce Walkup, Kevin Liles, Steve Camden, Jim Jarvis
2nd Heat- T.J. Farrer, Tony Madlem, Tony Courtney, Dan Stinson
3rd Heat- Matt Neely, Greg Davis, Stan Camden, Bob Phillips
4th Heat- Mark Friday, Mike Terry, Doug Witt, Scott Goodman
Dash- Friday, Farrer, Walkup, Neely
Feature- Walkup, Friday, Neely, Madlem, Tony Courtney, Farrer, Davis, Terry,
Goodman, Witt

1st Heat- Darren Crawhorn, Ray Godsey Jr., Frankie Warren, Mike Burch
2nd Heat- Sam Chastain, Rick Applegate, Tim Clark, Bubba Woods
3rd Heat- Greg Hicks, Donnie Pifer, Troy Clark, John Phelps
4th Heat- Matt Bex, Larry Harris, Robert Walters, Willie Sallee
5th Heat- Charlie Stevens, Tony Mahoney, Greg Benton, Jennifer Johnson
1st Consy- Bubba Woods, Andrew Davis, Ben Burton, Johnson, Josh Turner
2nd Consy- Ernie Niemoeller, Phelps, Glen Woods, Mark Hines, John Kennybrook
Feature- Bex, Harris, Chastain, Tim Clark, Walters, Mahoney, Stevens, Bubba
Woods, Benton, Phelps, Troy Clark, Applegate, Davis, Godsey Jr., Burton, Hicks, Niemoeller,
Crawhorn, Glen Woods, Pifer, Warren

1st Heat- Tim Clark, Jerry Adams, Joe Johnson, Keith Deppe
2nd Heat- Greg Kendall, Jay Deckard, J.D. Roberts, Gary Green
3rd Heat- Brad Cummings, Mike Fields, Rusty Smiley, Donnie Wilson
Consy- Randy Moore, Kevin Jones, Stan Brown, Russ Smiley, Dan Moore
Feature- Clark, Kendall, Cummings, Deppe, Fields, Adams, Rusty Smiley,
Roberts, Johnson, Deckard, Wilson, Randy Moore, Green, Dan Moore, Steve Morrin, Paul Seymour, Jones, Russ Smiley, Nelson Gingery