It’s "The Chosen One" in Brownstown’s 4th Annual Indiana Icebreaker

Brownstown, IN-March 24, 2001- The weather was without frigid, but the action on the track was simply sizzling Saturday night at Brownstown Speedway’s 4th Annual Indiana Icebreaker. Timmy Yeager of Harrodsburg, KY scored his first-ever Brownstown win the claiming the Late Model portion of the Icebreaker. Other winners on the evening were Matt Boknecht of Seymour, IN in the UMP Modifieds, while Matt Bex of Avoca, IN snared the Bomber feature win.

The 30 lap, $2,000 to win Late Model feature was one for the record books. Two and three-wide action was the norm for the entire event. John Gill would take the initial lead with Darryl Lanigan, Jim Curry, Mike Jewell, and Timmy Yeager in tow. Curry would go to second on lap 2, while Dick Phillips would challenge Yeager for fifth, but would go to the infield on lap 3 with a broken rearend yoke. Meanwhile, first B-main winner Tim Prince had charged from his 17th starting slot and was 10th by lap 4, as Yeager would pull by Jewell on the same circuit for fourth. Yeager now set his sights on Lanigan and would take the third spot from the ARCA competitor on lap 6, as Gill was beginning to motor away from second place Curry. Jewell and Lanigan would lock up to battle for fourth, with Jewell getting the upperhand on lap 8. Circuit number 11 would see race leader Gill begin the lapping process, while Yeager had the hook out and was reeling in second place Curry. Lanigan and Jewell continued to wage their war for fourth, with Lanigan regaining the spot on lap 14, while Prince had worked his way to sixth and joined this duo to make it a three-way battle for fourth at the midpoint mark. Gill’s large lead would be erased when Terry Eaglin looped his entry in turn one with 17 circuits official. The restart would see Curry dive under Gill in turn one for the lead, while Yeager would jump beneath both off of turn two and the trio would go three-wide into turn three for the lead, with Yeager nabbing the point exiting turn four. Curry would lose several spots after going through the infield in turn two on lap 19, while Prince continued to work his charm. Prince would turn the wick up even more on lap 20 when he would pass Jewell for fourth and began to pressure Lanigan for third, while Gill and Yeager battled side-by-side for the lead with both drivers getting completely sideways in turn three, but able to recover and drive on. Lanigan would grab second from Gill on lap 22, with Prince coming right along into third. One lap later, Prince would bring the pain to Lanigan as he would grab the runner-up slot. The final five rounds would see Yeager, nicknamed "The Chosen One", stay steady and grab the win in the Double-D Motorsports owned R and P Chimney, American Scaffolding, Central Painting, Quaker State Oil, Dyer’s Billet Rods, Koni Shocks #19 C.J. Rayburn, AMS Race Engine powered entry. Prince would turn in his best career Late Model run at Brownstown finishing second after starting 17th, with Lanigan and Gill going third and fourth. Curry would win the battle for fifth over Jewell, as Steven Godsey, C.J. Rayburn, Doug Ault, and Todd McKinney completed the top ten. Thirty-six Late Models from five states were on hand, with Gill being the fast qualifier for the evening. Heats were won by Gill, Curry, Lanigan, and Jewell, while B-main winners were Prince and Josh Williams.

Forty-five UMP Modifieds were in attendance and it would be defending Modified track champion Matt Boknecht leading the way to take the 20 lap feature win, holding off the charges of Illinois young gun Michael Bradley to take the win. Boknecht’s victory came aboard the George’s of Seymour, HMF Steel Sales, DeWalt Tools #22 Fly-By-U Race Cars mount. Adam Sasser would go third, with Levi Godsey and Nelson Gingery completing the top five. Rounding out the top ten were John DeMoss, Lee Hobbs, Mike Bowersox, Jay Scott, and Todd Gilpin. Heat wins were picked up by Boknecht, Hobbs, Bradley, and Sasser, with Clint DeMoss and David McWilliams taking B-main checkered flags.

Thirty-nine Bombers were on hand and it would be another 2000 track champion as Matt Bex would fend off the challenges of Bubba Woods and Charlie Stevens to grab the 15 lap feature win. Bex’s Bailey’s Flowers and Gifts, Tucker Transmissions, East Vending, Performer Chassis, Terry Cummings Race Engines #31 was first over Woods and Stevens, with Clifton Barron and Robert Walters completing the top five. Matt Cummings would lead the second group of five at the finish, trailed by 17th starting Rick Applegate, 18th starting Jeff Helton, Greg Benton, and 20th starter Mickey Hines. Stevens, Barron, Bex, and Jerry Maynard won heats, while Applegate and Helton won the B-mains.

Racing continues this Saturday night, March 31, with Late Models, Indiana Super Stocks, Bombers, and the Indiana Pro-Truck Series on the racing program.

SUMMARY-Brownstown Speedway-Brownstown, Indiana-March 24, 2001

Late Models (36 entries)

Top Qualifier- John Gill 15.958

1st Heat- Gill, Timmy Yeager, Mark Barber, Doug Ault

2nd Heat- Jim Curry, Steven Godsey, Jim Zdroik, Reece Riggle

3rd Heat- Darryl Lanigan, Dick Phillips, Todd McKinney, Shawn Negangard

4th Heat- Mike Jewell, C.J. Rayburn, Tony Traficant, Rodney Bruce

1st B-Main: Tim Prince, James Huff, Mike Bechelli, Jay Mobley, Mark Bechelli

2nd B-Main: Josh Williams, Terry Eaglin, John Mason, Bret Sievert, Tyrel Todd

Indiana Icebreaker- Yeager, Prince, Lanigan, Gill, Curry, Jewell, Godsey, Rayburn, Ault, McKinney, Huff, Eaglin, Traficant, Zdroik, Williams, Riggle, Bruce, Negangard, Barber, Phillips

UMP Modifieds (45 entries)

1st Heat- Matt Boknecht, Mike Bowersox, Joe Godsey, John DeMoss

2nd Heat- Lee Hobbs, Nelson Gingery, Mike Knurr, Jay Scott

3rd Heat- Michael Bradley, Tim Eddleman, Steve Trabue, Joey Kramer

4th Heat- Adam Sasser, Brady Short, Levi Godsey, Josh Lucas

1st B-Main: Clint DeMoss, Todd Gilpin, Wes Steidinger, Terry Hull, Vernon Soeder

2nd B-Main: David McWilliams, Ryan Thomas, Alan Magner, Larry Raines, Shelby Miles

Feature- Boknecht, Bradley, Sasser, Levi Godsey, Gingery, John DeMoss, Hobbs, Bowersox, Scott, Gilpin, Knurr, Trabue, Clint DeMoss, McWilliams, Short, Joe Godsey, Thomas, Eddelman, Kramer, Lucas

Bombers (39 entries)

1st Heat- Charlie Stevens, Bubba Woods, Ray Godsey, Jr., Robert Walters

2nd Heat- Clifton Barron, Glen Woods, Kevin Applegate, Josh Turner

3rd Heat- Matt Bex, John Phelps, Roger Reichenbacker, Robert Green

4th Heat- Jerry Maynard, Andrew Davis, Matt Cummings, Greg Benton

1st B-Main: Rick Applegate, Jamie Wilson, Mike Seal, Tim Neal, Steve Jones

2nd B-Main: Jeff Helton, Mickey Hines, Jason Combs, Phil Hillman, Jim Deckard

Feature- Bex, Bubba Woods, Stevens, Barron, Walters, Cummings, Rick Applegate, Helton, Benton, Hines, Green, Maynard, Wilson, Godsey, Jr., Turner, Kevin Applegate, Glen Woods, Davis, Phelps, Reichenbacker