Moyer Masters UMP SummerNationals Stop at Brownstown Speedway

Brownstown, IN-July 13- Billy Moyer of Batesville, AK collected $10,000 from Brownstown Speedway as he picked up his ninth 2001 UMP Summernationals win on lucky Friday the 13th. The win for Moyer was also his 13th career win at Brownstown Speedway, who was also making his first start at Brownstown since scoring the 1999 Jackson 100 victory.

Dash winner Kevin Weaver would grab the lead at the start of the 50 lap, 12.5 mile event with Kevin Claycomb, Billy Moyer, Doug McCammon, and Billy Drake all in pursuit. Claycomb would take the lead on lap 2 with a turn three pass, while Moyer would work beneath that duo in turn two on lap 3, securing the top spot off of turn two one circuit later. Bob Pierce would check into the top five on lap 4 with a pass of Drake in turn three, with Pierce also grabbing fourth from McCammon in the same spot on lap 5. Claycomb and Weaver would begin a side-by-side battle for the runner-up spot on lap 6, that would see Weaver take second on lap 8, with Pierce taking third from Claycomb one lap later. Drake would begin to put the heat on McCammon for fifth and would take the fifth spot on lap 12, while Pierce would claim the runner-up slot from Weaver with a turn one pass on the same circuit. McCammon would retake the fifth spot from Drake on lap 14, only to lose again to Drake one lap later. Bill Frye had worked his way to sixth by lap 16, with 15th starting Jim Curry breaking into the top ten on the same loop. Moyer had put some distance between he and Pierce, as Drake now closed on Claycomb for fourth and would take the fourth position on lap 21. As the field approached the midpoint of the 50 lap event, Moyer would begin the process of lapping slower traffic. This would allow Pierce to close in on Moyer, getting within inches of Moyer in turn three on lap 30, while Frye would invade the top five with a pass of Claycomb on that same lap 30. Curry would make it a three-way dance for fifth, as he would scoot beneath both Frye and Claycomb on lap 32. Lap 38 would see Moyer get clear of slower traffic and put some distance again between he and Pierce. Weaver would join the front pair, as this trio would work nose-to-tail for the top spot exiting turn four on lap 43, but Moyer once again would work lapped traffic to perfection and would pull away a bit in the final five circuits to take the checkered flag first in his Petroff Towing, J and J Steel, Car City Cars, Karl Chevrolet, B Auto Parts, AFCO, Red Line Oil sponsored #21 C.J. Rayburn Race Car, Clements Race Engines powered entry. Ninth place starting Pierce would claim runner-up honors, with Weaver, Drake, and 15th starting Curry completing the top five. Frye would head up the second five at the finish followed Claycomb, McCammon, Duke Whiseant, and Shannon Babb. Forty-four UMP Late Models representing six states were on hand for the event Weaver winning the Dash, while Drake, Babb, Pierce, and Frye won the heats, with Don O'Neal and Ernie Barrow taking B-main wins.

Bubba Woods of Bedford, IN made a last lap pass exiting turn two to claim the Bomber feature race victory aboard his Antique Auto Race Museum, Bailey's Flowers and Gifts, Tucker Transmissions, Fultz Auto Supply #00 Performer Chassis, Terry Cummings powered Monte Carlo. Jim Ruddick would settle for second, with Matt Bex, Clifton Barron, and Matt Cummings completed the top five. Rounding out the top ten were Robert Walters, Dave Robinson, Paul Owens, Mike Seal, and Jim Pfieffer. Twenty-three Bombers were in attendance with heat race wins scored by Ruddick, Bubba Woods, and Bex.

SUMMARY-Brownstown Speedway-Brownstown, Indiana-July 13, 2001

UMP LATE MODELS (44 entries)

Top Qualifier- Doug McCammon 15.117

Dash-Kevin Weaver, Kevin Claycomb, Billy Moyer, McCammon, Jeep Van Wormer, Duke Whiseant

1st Heat- Billy Drake, Greg Johnson, Jim Curry, Don O'Neal

2nd Heat- Shannon Babb, Steve Smith, Steven Godsey, Shane Cottle

3rd Heat- Bob Pierce, John Gill, Dan Sturgeon, Terry English

4th Heat- Bill Frye, Steve Barnett, Donnie Barnhart, Ernie Barrow

1st B-Main: O'Neal, Doug Ault, Cale Kern, Joe Godsey, Shawn Negangard

2nd B-Main: Barrow, English, Mark Barber, Dennis Erb, Jr., Darrell Lanigan

Feature- Moyer, Pierce, Weaver, Drake, Curry, Frye, Claycomb, McCammon, Whiseant, Babb, O'Neal, Johnson, Barnhart, Sturgeon, Gill, Barnett, Smith, Barrow, English, Van Wormer, Steven Godsey, Ault

BOMBERS (23 entries)

1st Heat- Jim Ruddick, Chris Streeval, Glen Woods, Paul Owens

2nd Heat- Bubba Woods, Ben Burton, Clifton Barron, Robert Walters

3rd Heat- Matt Bex, Dave Robinson, Greg Benton, Jim Pfieffer

Feature- Bubba Woods, Ruddick, Bex, Barron, Cummings, Walters, Robinson, Owens, Seal, Pfieffer, Glen Woods, John Mayer, Jr., Mark Freisner, Benton, Reid Sparks, Josh Cash, Streeval, Jeff Helton, Roger Sullivan