Blackwell, Bland, and Cummings Capture Thrillers

by Chris Nunn

Justin Blackwell, Jeff Bland, Jr., and Bub Cummings found their way to Brownstown Speedways victory lane on a Saturday night where three to four wide racing was the norm.

The 25 lap Late Model feature seemed as if it would never begin, as three yellows on the original start would keep the field lined up in their original rows of two. When racing finally began, things would heat up with a three wide battle for the lead between polesitter Steve Godsey, Rohn Moon, and Justin Blackwell. While the trio ran three wide, a slight bit of contact was made, sending Blackwell to the point. Moon would file into second, with Godsey third. Moon and Godsey moved up to the front to once again make it a three way dance for the lead. The front three cars ran three wide for five straight laps before Ryan Eads brought out the yellow on lap six. On the restart the top five would file out single file with Blackwell leading the cavalry. The single file racing would end when another three wide battle between Moon, Godsey, and Marty O誰eal fought for second. The end result of that battle kept Moon in second, O誰eal would go to third, with Godsey back to fourth. O誰eal then moved up to challenge Moon for the runner up spot. O誰eal got around Moon on lap 13 to nab second. The field again spread out throughout the top five with O誰eal reeling in Blackwell for the lead. O誰eal, with just under ten to go, poked his nose in on Blackwell to no avail. As the leaders moved into lapped traffic, Blackwell survived a scary moment when Mark Bechelli shot across the track in front of him. With five laps to go contact was made between Brent Londeree and Rick Sowders. Sowders would spin, bringing out the yellow. One helmet toss later, racing resumed with O誰eal trying to get underneath Blackwell in every turn. Blackwell would hold off O誰eal in the remaining four laps to notch his first victory of the season ahead of O誰eal, Moon, Godsey, and Shannon Reed. Brad Barrow, Mark Barber, Tim Prince, Londeree, and Dusty Chapman rounded out the top ten. The winning sponsors on Blackwell痴 car are: Blackwell Trucking and Conveying Inc., BTI Crushed Stone Sales, Blackwell Farms, Blackwell Limestone Co., Starbound Entertainment, White River CoOp, Delph Communications, and Jay Fox Farm Bureau Insurance. The winning chassis was a C.J. Rayburn Race Car.

The UMP Modified feature turned out to be an equally exciting affair with Jeff Bland, Jr. of Bloomington, IN making a last lap pass for the win. Adam Sasser would lead the first circuit, with Matt Boknecht putting pressure on him for the point. Boknecht and Sasser would run door to door for the lead until the yellow came out on lap three. Robbie Gullion, Chris Streeval, and Reid Sparks all spun out in turn three. On the restart, Sasser would jump ahead of Boknecht, who was ahead of Bland in third. The second yellow of the event would fly on lap five, when Gullion spun off the turn one banking, ending his night. When racing resumed, 14th starting Lee Hobbs and Jesse Cramer would battle for the fourth spot, with Cramer keeping the spot. Hobbs would now have to battle with Tim Eddelman for the fifth position. Back up front on lap eleven, Boknecht finally took the lead away from Sasser. At the same time, Eddelman got around Hobbs for fifth. Unfortunately for Boknecht, his lead lasted one lap due to a blown engine. With oil sprayed on the track, Sasser spun in the oil, but kept going to keep his lead. When the green flew for the restart it was now Sasser and Bland running first and second on the bottom of the racetrack. Bland kept on the back bumper of Sasser for the last remaining 12 laps. As the leaders took the white flag, Sasser slipped up the track just a little bit, allowing Bland to throw a bonzai move in one. Contact was made, with Bland moving to the lead. Sasser痴 bad luck would continue in the final corner, as Cramer shot under him for second. The top five at the finish was Bland, Cramer, Sasser, Eddelman, and Ryan Thomas. Bland痴 sponsors include: Auto Credit, B&B Auto Brokers, Servpro, Dr. Luke Eads Family Dentistry, Tate Racing Engines, Wolfes Auto Auctions, and VanHorn Tint and Accessories. Bland was piloting a Loose Gruff Chassis.

Bub Cummings of Bedford, IN made it known that he is the man to beat in the Bomber division in 2006. Cummings is now two for two on the year in Bomber feature action. The 15 lap main event saw Steve Godsey move to the point off the start, with Jacoby Hines and Cummings in tow. Cummings would make a great move coming out of turn two on the second lap, getting around both Hines and Godsey for the lead. Cummings then checked out on the field, as Godsey and Hines battled for the second position most of the race. Godsey pulled away from Hines during the latter portion of the feature, leaving him in third. Following Cummings to the line was Godsey, Hines, Edgar Godsey, and Jim Pfeiffer rounded out the top five. Cummings thanks Cummings Machine Shop, Terry Cummings Race Engines, Prince Excavating, PBM Performance, ISU The May Agency, and Flying O Bodies.


LATE MODELS (28 Entries)
HEAT ONE: Steve Godsey, Rohn Moon, Shannon Reed, Daniel Bohall, Cale Kern, Jeremy Masters, Ryan Eads, Greg Ault, Brad Barrow, Charles Ross
HEAT TWO: Justin Blackwell, Marty O誰eal, Scott Graham, Jeff Simonton, Mark Bechelli, Mike Bechelli, Glenn Bradley, Randy Riggle, Gary Hardin
HEAT THREE: Brent Londeree, Tim Prince, Mark Barber, Rick Sowders, Dusty Chapman, Brian Wilhite, Doug Ault, Duane Brown, Devin Sebree
CONSI: Brad Barrow, Mike Bechelli, Greg Ault, Gary Hardin, Ryan Eads, Brian Wilhite, Randy Riggle, Charles Ross, Doug Ault, Jeremy Masters, Glenn Bradley
FEATURE: Justin Blackwell, Marty O誰eal, Rohn Moon, Steve Godsey, Shannon Reed, Brad Barrow, Mark Barber, Tim Prince, Brent Londeree, Dusty Chapman, Greg Ault, Mark Bechelli, Cale Kern, Gary Hardin, Mike Bechelli, Daniel Bohall, Ryan Eads, Scott Graham, Jeff Simonton, Rick Sowders

UMP MODIFIEDS (37 Entries)
HEAT ONE: Adam Sasser, Todd Gilpin, Chris Streeval, Brandon Reed, Larry Schornick, Ron Fedor, Jeremy Ingram, Rocky Kugel, Greg Lee, Don Fleetwood
HEAT TWO: Matt Boknecht, Robbie Gullion, Jared Bailey, Lee Hobbs, Dave Benham, JD Roberts, Denny Boknecht, Gene Tyree, Webb Lee
HEAT THREE: Jeff Bland Jr, Rob Manley, Reid Sparks, Sam Lee, Kyle Decker, Jason Mann, Rick Hines, Jason Thomas, Kent Robinson
HEAT FOUR: Jesse Cramer, Tim Eddelman, Ryan Thomas, Brandon Short, JP Hume, Greg Deckard, Devin Gilpin, Steve Trabue, Al Flick
CONSI ONE: J.D. Roberts, Rocky Kugel, Don Fleetwood, Webb Lee, Dennis Boknecht, Greg Lee, Ron Fedor, Jeremy Ingram, Gene Tyree, Larry Schornick, Dave Benham
CONSI TWO: Rick Hines, Greg Deckard, Kent Robinson, Kyle Decker, Devin Gilpin, Jason Thomas, Jason Mann, Steve Trabue, JP Hume
FEATURE: Jeff Bland Jr, Jesse Cramer, Adam Sasser, Tim Eddelman, Ryan Thomas, Jared Bailey, Brandon Reed, Brandon Short, Rob Manley, Rick Hines, Greg Deckard, Reid Sparks, JD Roberts, Sam Lee, Rocky Kugel, Lee Hobbs, Matt Boknecht, Robbie Gullion, Chris Streeval, Todd Gilpin

BOMBERS (35 Entries)
HEAT ONE: Jacoby Hines, Bobby Johnson, Doug Klyn, Wes Tipton, Josh Hayes, Randy Lawyer, Chad Stapleton, Tory Routier, Greg Baker
HEAT TWO: Steve Godsey, Edgar Godsey, John Mayer Jr, Scott Jones, Scott Barker, Steve Woodcock, Pam Johnson, Brian Smiley, Tim Meade
HEAT THREE: Bub Cummings, Nick Mitchell, Greg Hicks, Josh Turner, Paul Owens, Ronnie Pardue, Jason Combs, Derick Levesque, Calvin Gibson
HEAT FOUR: Jim Pfeiffer, Dewayne Gross, Brandon Routier, Travis Prince, Aaron Fields, Kenny Baker, Jamie Wilson, Ryan Hirtzel
CONSI: Paul Owens, Chad Stapleton, Josh Hayes, Tim Meade, Scott Barker, Kenny Baker, Greg Baker, Jason Combs, Brisn Smiley, Steve Woodcock, Pam Johnson, Randy Lawyer, Calvin Gibson, Aaron Fields, Ronnie Pardue, Tory Routier
FEATURE: Bub Cummings, Steve Godsey, Jacoby Hines, Edgar Godsey, Jim Pfeiffer, Doug Klyn, Paul Owens, Josh Turner, Josh Hayes, Tim Meade, Wes Tipton, John Mayer, Scott Jones, Greg Hicks, Nick Mitchell, Chad Stapleton, Brandon Routier, Bobby Johnson, Dewayne Gross