Kevin Applegate & Jeremy Owens Bomber & Pure Stock Special winners
Chip Golglazier, Chevy Goodson, Ryan Thomas Winners....

August 29.2009

Chris Streeval and Josh Turner led the Bomber field to the green flag with Streeval leading lap one. Randy Lee and Darrell Burton were able to move past Turner before lap one was completed for second and third. The caution flew on lap two, slowing the field due to debris on the track. On the restart, Lee moved to the outside of Streeval to try to take the lead on lap three. Streeval was able to hold him off to keep the lead. Behind them, Darren Crawhorn and Brent Lee both spun in turn one, bringing out the caution on lap four. On the restart, Streeval took the field around on the bottom of the racetrack to complete lap five. Behind him, Tim Rivers and Brian Fiscus battled for the fifth position, with Rivers taking the spot on lap six. The caution flew for the third time, for Lee once again, this time in turn four. On the restart, the battle for fourth began to take shape between Rivers and Turner. Rivers took the fourth spot, then took third away from Burton. Rivers then stepped to the outside of Lee in an attempt to take second on lap ten. Rivers took the spot, and immediately challenged Streeval for the lead on lap eleven. At the halfway point it was Streeval, Rivers, Lee, Burton, and Turner completing the top five. Rivers officially took the lead on lap 13, moving around Streeval coming out of turn four. The caution flew on lap 13, as Lee spun in turn four. On the restart, Streeval moved back around Rivers to take the lead, but would have to give it back due to the yellow flag coming back out. Streeval once again got around Rivers on the restart, but had to give it back for the second straight time. This time it was for the spun car of Fiscus in turn three. On the restart, Streeval took the lead away from Rivers for the third straight time. Rivers then fought back to the outside of Streeval, but couldn't get the lead away before the yellow flew again on lap 14. When racing resumed, Streeval shot out to a three car length advantage over Rivers as they completed lap 15. The field was slowed once again, as Jake Emerson spun in turn four. Streeval took a five car length advantage over the field on the restart, with Rivers and Lee battling for second. Behind them, Kevin Applegate took fourth away from Burton on lap 17. Applegate then moved to the inside of Lee, and took the third spot away on lap 18. Applegate had started 19th on the grid. The ninth caution of the race flew on lap 21, as Crawhorn spun in turn four. With four to go, Streeval took the field to the restart, with Applegate moving by Rivers for second. Applegate and Streeval then ran side by side for the lead with two to go. Applegate took the lead coming to the white flag, and proceeded to take the checkers ahead of Streeval, Rivers, Burton, and Bubba Woods completing the top five.

Brad Ray and Josh Palmer made up the front row for the Hornet feature event, with Chip Colglazier moving from third to take the lead on lap one. Ray settled into the second position, with Palmer and John Mayer Jr battling for third. Mayer took third on lap three, leaving Palmer to contend with Zach Smith. With five laps complete, Colglazier held a half straightaway lead just before the red flag flew. Jason Combs flipped in turn three, but was able to get out of the car under his own power. On the restart, Colglazier led Ray and Mayer Jr to the green. Ray tried to dive under Colglazier for the lead on lap seven, but was not able to make the pass. Debris in turn four brought out the yellow on lap seven, slowing the field. On the restart, Colglazier pulled away from Ray by about four car lengths as they completed lap eight. A battle for fourth began to brew between Elizabeth Burton and Smith, with Burton taking fourth on lap nine. At the halfway point, the top five were Colglazier, Ray, Mayer, Burton, and Smith. The top three sat over a half straight ahead of the fourth place car of Burton, with eight laps to go. The lead for Colglazier was at two car lengths on lap 14, with Ray charging hard. With five laps to go, Ray was within a car length of Colglazier as they hit lapped traffic. The caution flew on lap 15, as Wes Ray slowed to a stop just outside of turn two. With five laps to go, Ray tried to dive under Colglazier once again for the lead, but was not able to make the pass. The caution flew with just three laps to go, as Carrie Gillery stopped coming out of turn four. With two laps to go, Ray sat just a car length behind Colglazier as they took the white flag. Colglazier was able to hold off Ray, and a hard charging Mayer to collect another feature win at Brownstown.

Josh Phelps and Curt Bennett led the Pure Stock feature to the green flag, with Bennett leading lap one. The caution flew on lap two, as Will McRoberts spun in turn one. The restart was called back due to a yellow flag. On the lap two restart, Bennett took the field to the green with Phelps moving under him to try to take the lead on la four. Bennett was able to hold him off, as they moved down the backstretch on lap five. Bennett began to open up an advantage over Phelps, by about three car lengths on lap seven. Behind them, Jeremy Owens and Linsday Wade battled for the third spot, with Owens taking the spot on lap nine. The caution flew on lap nine, as Brian Simms and Brian Ballard spun in turn one.The restart was brought back due to a spin involving Brad Kemp. Bennett and Phelps led the field to the restart, with Bennett still trying to hold off Phelps. At the halfway point, it was Bennett, Phelps, Owens, Wade, and Mickey Hines completing the top five. Bennett stretched his lead over Phelps to three car lengths, as they completed lap 14. Owens and Phelps began to battle for the second spot, with Owens taking the position on lap 15. Owens then lost the position back to Phelps on lap 16. Phelps then moved back alongside of Bennett to try for the lead on lap 18, but Bennett was able to hold him off. The top three ran nose to tail with just five laps to go, with Bennett leading Phelps by two car lengths. With four to go, the gap remained the same between the top two. Entering turn two, Phelps and Bennett, made contact, sending Bennett around in the process. Phelps would be penalized to the tail for taking out Bennett, allowing Bennett his position back up front. With four to go, Bennett led Owens and Aaron Fields to the green flag. Owens and Fields ran side by side for the second position as they took the two to go signal. Owens sat to the outside of Bennett as they took the white flag flew. Owens took a run to the outside of Bennett coming down the backstretch, and made the winning pass coming out of turn four. Bennett settled for second, with Fields, Hines, and Mark Bruce fifth.

Chevy Goodson started on the pole of the Mini Stock main event, and led every lap in the process of claming another feature win at Brownstown Speedway ahead of Tim Goodson, Dustin Wray, Jimmy Monroe, and Matthew Weston.

Ryan Thomas and Matt Boknecht made up the front row of the Modified main event with Thomas leading lap one. Devin Gilpin moved from fifth to second in less than one lap, and sat second on lap two. Boknecht, Matt Bex, and Kent Robinson made up the top five as the yellow flew for a multi-car accident in turn four. On the restart, Gilpin looked under Thomas to try to take the point on lap three, but was not able to make the pass stick. A three wide battle for third began to take shape between Boknecht, Bex, and Robinson before the caution flew on lap three for Marty O'Neal, who spun in turn two. O'Neal would get his spot back in sixth, as he was deemed to have been taken out. Thomas led the field to the green on the lap four restart, with Gilpin right on his tail. Boknecht and Bex battled for third behind them, with Bex taking the spot on lap five. Up front, Thomas held a two car length advantage over Gilpin as they clicked off lap number seven. Boknecht and Bex restarted their battle for third, with Boknecht on the bottom of the speedway, trying to take the spot away. At the halfway point, it was Thomas, Gilpin, Bex, Boknecht, and Robinson completing the top five. Robinson began to be pressured by O'Neal for the fifth position on lap 11, but he was able to hold on to the spot. With five laps to go, the top five ran single file, with Thomas almost a full straightaway ahead of Gilpin. With four to go, Thomas began to creep up on lapped traffic, in the form of a three wide battle for position. as Thomas attempted to clear the three lapped cars, Gilpin pulled within three car lengths with three laps to go. Thomas cleared two of the three lapped cars with two laps to go, as did Gilpin, but the lead was too big, as Thomas picked up the win ahead of Gilpin, Bex, Boknecht, and Robinson.



HEAT ONE: Chris Streeval, Darrell Burton, Bryan Fiscus, Aaron Fields, Darren Crawhorn, Wes Tipton, Greg Baker, Paul Owens, Kevin Applegate

HEAT TWO: Josh Turner, Jake Emerson, Levi Lokey, Brent Lee, Josh Hayes, Jake Sabens, Todd McDonald, Ronnie Pardue, Jerry Wilson

HEAT THREE: Randy Lee, Tim Rivers, Jeremy Helton, Kelly Lee, Bubba Woods, Ronald Denson, Ryan Goss, Josh Emerson, Terry Ross

CONSI: Wes Tipton, Todd McDonald, Josh Emerson, Kevin Applegate, Ryan Goss, Ronnie Pardue, Greg Baker, Paul Owens, Jake Sabens, Ron Denson, Terry Ross, Jerry Wilson

FEATURE: Kevin Applegate, Chris Streeval, Tim Rivers, Darrell Burton, Bubba Woods, Randy Lee, Jeremy Helton, Josh Turner, Josh Emerson, Wes Tipton, Levi Lokey, Todd McDonald, Darren Crawhorn, Josh Hayes, Kelly Lee, Brent Lee, Ryan Goss, Brian Fiscus, Jake Emerson, Aaron Fields


HEAT ONE: Brad Ray, Zach Smith, Jonathan Cain, Forrest Plumlee, Rick Hanner, Dustin Foster, Ben Sturgeon, Tawana Baker, Chris Burton

HEAT TWO: Josh Palmer, Elizabeth Burton, Jason Hehman, Wes Ray, Matt Burton, Donnie Modesty, Logan Williams, Nick Eldridge

HEAT THREE: Chip Colglazier, John Mayer Jr, Mason Covey, Carrie Gillery, Karen Asbury, Ryan Bowling, Carla Hehman, Jason Combs

CONSI: Ryan Bowling, Jason Combs, Carla Hehman, Donnie Modesty, Ben Sturgeon, Chris Burton, Logan Williams, Nick Eldridge, Dustin Foster, Joe Seal, Tawana Baker

FEATURE: Chip Colglazier, Brad Ray, John Mayer, Elizabeth Burton, Matt Burton, Ryan Bowling, Jonathan Cain, Josh Palmer, Ben Sturgeon, Wes Ray, Zach Smith, Carrie Gillery, Forrest Plumlee, Karen Asbury, Rick Hanner, Mason Covey, Carla Hehman, Donnie Modesty, Jason Combs, Jason Hehman


HEAT: Chevy Goodson, Tim Goodson, Bryan Sabens, Dustin Wray, Jimmy Monroe, Matthew Weston, Shelly Jamison, Celestin Collins

FEATURE: Chevy Goodson, Tim Goodson, Dustin Wray, Jimmy Monroe, Matthew Weston, Celestin Collins, Bryan Sabens, Shelly Jamison


HEAT ONE: Josh Phelps, Will McRoberts, Brian Ballard, Chris Palmer, Brad Kemp, Jeff Crick, Derrick Davis, Jared Obermyer, Kyle Hines, James Johnson, Seth Hull

HEAT TWO: Curt Bennett, Tony Harvey, Shane Batman, John Wyrick, Mickey Hines, Travis Davis, Stacey Roark, Cody VanOsdol, Greg Walp, Danny Hupp, Don Walp

HEAT THREE: Jeremy Owens, Lindsay Wade, Mark Bruce, Aaron Fields, Willie Sallee, Bill Moore, Brian Simms, Myranda Stoner, Shawn McIntosh, Tim Roberts

CONSI: Jeff Crick, Derrick Davis, Brian Simms, Shawn McIntosh, Tim Roberts, Jared Obermyer, Myranda Stoner, James Johnson, Stacey Roark, Travis Davis, Bill Moore, Greg Walp, Kyle Hines, Cody VanOsdol, Danny Hupp, Don Walp, Seth Hull

FEATURE: Jeremy Owens, Curt Bennett, Aaron Fields, Mickey Hines, Mark Bruce, Lindsay Wade, Chris Palmer, Tim Roberts, Will McRoberts, Willie Sallee, Tony Harvey, Derrick Davis, Brian Simms, Brad Kemp, John Wyrick, Josh Phelps, Brian Ballard, Shawn McIntosh, Shane Batman, Jeff Crick


HEAT ONE: Ryan Thomas, Devin Gilpin, Rick Hudson, Clint DeMoss, Derek Groomer, Vernon Soeder, Jason Sims, Greg Deckard, Tony Blair

HEAT TWO: Matt Boknecht, Marty O'Neal, Richie Lex, Jared Bailey, Josh Harris, Josh Wells, Kyle Decker, Robert Young, Jamie Berry

HEAT THREE: Earl Plessinger, Kent Robinson, Joe Godsey, Josh Eads, Brandon Short, Webb Lee, Phil Marshall, Buddy Pettyjohn

HEAT FOUR: Matt Bex, Brent Londeree, Dennis Boknecht, Michael Purtlebaugh, Sam Lee, Jerry Davis, Brad Barrow, Charley Walden

CONSI ONE: Derek Groomer, Jason Sims, Kyle Decker, Greg Deckard, Josh Harris, Tony Blair, Josh Wells, Vernon Soeder, Robert Young, Jamie Berry

CONSI TWO: Jerry Davis, Brandon Short, Webb Lee, Buddy Pettyjohn, Sam Lee, Phil Marshall, Brad Barrow, Charley Walden

FEATURE: Ryan Thomas, Devin Gilpin, Matt Bex, Matt Boknecht, Kent Robinson, Josh Eads, Marty O'Neal, Clint Demoss, Earl Plessinger, Derek Groomer, Dennis Boknecht, Richie Lex, Jerry Davis, Brent Londeree, Jared Bailey, Jason Sims, Brandon Short, Michael Purtlebaugh, Rick Hudson, Joe Godsey