White, Petro, Scott and Goff Take Home Feature Wins

By: Chris Nunn

Dillan White picked up his first career Super Late Model win in spectacular fashion at the Brownstown Speedway on Saturday night, taking the lead with less than five laps to go. Drivers and crews waited out a two hour moisture delay, which made the track lightning fast. Randy Petro rode the highside to victory in the UMP Super Stock division, his 269th career win. Ryan Scott overcame a setback early on in the UMP Hornet division to pick up his first ever win.

Kent Robinson and Steve Barnett led the field to the green in the 25 lap UMP Super Late Model main event, with Robinson darting out to the lead. The original start was brought back due to an incident involving Tim Rivers and Mark Barber coming out of turn four. The field was doubled up for a complete restart. The green flew on the restart, as an incident in turn two slowed the proceedings. The start was brought back once again as debris laid in turn three, bringing out the caution. Robinson was able to take the lead on the start and lead lap one ahead of Barnett. The caution would fly once again on lap two, as Greg Kendall hit the tire in turn four. Robinson led the field to the restart, and opened up a three car advantage over Barnett. Joe Janowski moved around Dillan White to take third on the restart. A three wide battle for fifth between Marty O'Neal, Jeremy Hines, and Jason Smith started to brew on lap five, with O'Neal taking the position. Ahead of them, White and Janowski battled for third, with White on the inside of Janowski. Up front, Barnett started to move closer to Robinson as they worked lapped traffic on lap nine. On lap 11, Robinson only held a car length lead over Barnett, as White moved in on Barnett. They went three wide for the lead coming into lapped traffic on lap 14. Barnett was able to get around Robinson for the lead on lap 15, only to have the lapped car of Brian Wilhite slow up in front of him. Barnett was not able to avoid him, and made contact allowing Robinson back around for the lead. The caution flew on lap 16, as Wilhite spun in turn three. The caution flew on the restart as Rivers, Jim Curry, and Chad Stapleton were involved in a melee in turn one. On the restart, Janowski moved around Barnett to take second. White was also able to get around Barnett to take the third spot. With five to go Janowski moved into battle Robinson for the lead. Janowski and White moved around Robinson putting him back to third with just five to go. With three to go, Janowski held a three car length advantage over White. Behind them, Jeremy Hines moved into the fourth position, getting around Barnett. With two to go, White moved around Janowski to take the lead, and was able to hold him off to pick up his first career win at Brownstown Speedway.

Tim Schumpe and David Brewer made up the front row for the 20 lap UMP Super Stock main event. The caution was brought back due to a misfire on the original start. The restart fared better, as a three wide battle for the lead between Schumpe, Randy Petro, and Aaron Fields ensued. Fields took the lead, with Petro moving to second, and Jay Deckard third. Jeremy Hines was able to move up into the fourth position, getting around Schumpe. Disaster struck Fields while leading, as his car wiggled a bit coming out of turn two, losing numerous positions. This gave the lead to Petro, and second to Deckard. The caution flew on lap five, as Brewer slowed to a stop in turn one. On the restart, Petro sped off to a three car length advantage over Deckard, who had Hines breathing down his neck for second. At the halfway point, Petro held close to a half straightaway advantage over Deckard, Hines, Justin Hammond, and Kevin Jones in fifth. Unfortunately for Hammond his top five run ended on lap ten, as he looped his mount in turn four. When the green flew on the restart, a pileup ensued involving Hines, Gary Rahe, Jr., and Jason Hehman in turn two. The restart saw Petro and Deckard seperate themselves from the field, moving out to a six car length lead over Clark in third. Deckard tried the low side periodically on Petro to make an attempt at the lead, but Petro was faster on the highside. With five to go, it was a two car length advantage over Deckard for Petro. With three to go, the advantage opened up a bit between Petro and Deckard. The advantage was enough for Petro to knock off Deckard's two race win streak. Clark, Cain, and Jones rounded out the top five.

Donnie Modesty and Lucas Jackson led the 20 lap UMP Hornet feature to the green flag only to have the start brought back due to a premature start. On the restart, Modesty led the first lap by a half car length over Ryan Scott. Scott moved under Modesty to take the lead but lost momentum, as he jumped out of gear coming out of four. Jackson moved back to second, getting around Scott. Jackson then took the lead on lap four, moving under Modesty . Scott was able to move back around Modest for second on lap six. Scott then took the lead from Jackson on lap seven. Behind them, Cris Dotson took third away from Modesty coming to the halfway point. Dotson then moved in to battle for second with Jackson on lap 12. Jackson was able to hold Dotson off for the spot. With five laps to go, Scott held a half straight lead over Jackson. Behind them Modesty took third away from Dotson. Brandon Norman was also able to move around Dotson to take fourth on lap 17. Up front, it was all Scott, as he picked up the win ahead of Jackson, Modesty, Norman, and Dotson.

Oogie Goff Wins U.M.R.A. Feature at Brownstown

By Alex Wollf

Oogie Goff was “the comeback kid” on Saturday night at the Brownstown Speedway when he won the 20-lap Dutch Mill Buffet UMRA TQ Midget feature event. It was Oogie’s first race back since suffering leg injuries in an off-track accident last summer. Oogie started from the outside of the front row in the race that did not start until 11:30 Saturday night due to rain. When the green flag dropped he was able to get the jump on pole sitter Ron Combs and hold off the rest of the pack to take the 45th win of his UMRA career. Following Oogie to the line was his nephew Jason who finished second, his brother Terry who finished third, Ron Combs in fourth, and Patrick Wolf rounded out the top five. The eight-lap heat races went to Ron Combs and Oogie Goff. The five gallons of fuel from G&G Oil for the “Hard Charger of the Race” went to Jason Goff who advanced from sixth to second. The $50 for the highest finishing rookie from the “Tony Stewart Rookie Challenge” went to Ryan Koontz who finished 12th.

The 50th anniversary season of the Dutch Mill Buffet UMRA TQ Midgets continues on Saturday May 22nd at Montpelier Motor Speedway for a full program and the makeup feature from May 8th.

G&G Oil “Hard Charger of the Race”: Jason Goff (Advanced from 6th to 2nd) “Tony Stewart Rookie Challenge” Highest Finishing Rookie: Ryan Koontz

May 15, 2010



HEAT ONE: Kent Robinson, Joe Godsey, Jason Smith, Steve Godsey, Marty Cooper, J.P. Hume, Tyler Allen, Duke Mounce, Garrett Blackwell

HEAT TWO: Steve Barnett, Jeremy Hines, Frankie Coomer, Jim Curry, Mark Barber, Jeff Wilson, Tim Rivers, Troy Clark, Matt Patus

HEAT THREE: Dillan White, Chad Stapleton, Marty O'Neal, Brian Wilhite, Shawn Beeman, Mike Bechelli, Chip Stitsworth, Dusty Chapman

HEAT FOUR: Joe Janowski, Scott Graham, Shannon Reed, Greg Kendall, Nick Lyons, James Griffith, Joe Deckard, Rob Ramey

CONSI: Troy Clark, Tim Rivers, Tyler Allen, Mark Barber, Nick Lyons, Garrett Blackwell, James Griffith, J.P. Hume, Matt Patus, Jeff Wilson, Mike Bechelli, Shawn Beeman, Duke Mounce, Marty Cooper, Rob Ramey, Chip Stitsworth

FEATURE: Dillan White, Joe Janowski, Jeremy Hines, Marty O'Neal, Kent Robinson, Steve Barnett, Frankie Coomer, Scott Graham, Mark Barber, Chad Stapleton, Jason Smith, Tim Rivers, Greg Kendall, Tyler Allen, Jim Curry, Brian Wilhite, Joe Godsey, Steve Godsey, Shannon Reed, Troy Clark


HEAT ONE: Tim Schumpe, Jay Deckard, Todd Snyder, Tim Clark, Lee Hobbs, Duane Brown, Tom Ault, Trent Niflis, Brian Smiley, Jeremy Helton

HEAT TWO: Dave Brewer, Kevin Jones, Tony Anderson, Tony Arthur, Brad Ray, Mark Robertson, Marty Cooper, Tyler Cain, Greg Owens, Jeff Walters

HEAT THREE: Aaron Fields, Jeremy Hines, Troy Clark, Gary Rahe, Jr., Chris Deweese, Jeremy Wilson, Dave Barnett, Jason Hehman, Roger Hehman

HEAT FOUR: Randy Petro, Justin Hammond, Steve Sheeks, Jason Combs, Brad Cummings, Jamie Ruddick, Don Barnett, Larry Booher, Justin Davis, Mike Cawood

CONSI: Jason Hehman, Tyler Cain, Chris Deweese, Brad Cummings, Trent Niflis, Duane Brown, Brad Ray, Jeremy Wilson, Ryan Hehman, Jeremy Helton, Jamie Ruddick, Tom Ault, Lee Hobbs

FEATURE: Randy Petro, Jay Deckard, Troy Clark, Tyler Cain, Kevin Jones, Tony Anderson, Tim Clark, Jason Combs, Tim Schumpe, Steve Sheeks, Jason Hehman, Gary Rahe, Jr., Todd Snyder, Jeremy Hines, Justin Hammond, Aaron Fields, Dave Brewer, Brad Cummings, Chris Deweese


HEAT ONE: Donnie Modesty, Chris Dotson, Brandon Norman, Dalton Fleenor, Josh Hayes, Forrest Plumlee, Bryson Clark, Alex Terrell, Derrick Blair, Melissa Mayfield

HEAT TWO: Lucas Jackson, Dave Waggoner, Sr., Mason Covey, Felisha Deweese, Justin Robertson, Greg Williams, Jon Ortman, Drew Montgomery, Steve Weaver

HEAT THREE: Ryan Scott, Logan Williams, Doug Asbury, Jason Combs, Ted Smith, Bobbi Green, Tawana Baker, Tyler Blythe, Carla Hehman

CONSI: Drew Montgomery, Forrest Plumlee, Carla Hehman, Jon Ortman, Bryson Clark, Steve Weaver, Tyler Blythe, Melissa Mayfield, Alex Terrell, Bobbi Green, Derrick Blair

FEATURE: Ryan Scott, Lucas Jackson, Donnie Modesty, Brandon Norman, Cris Dotson, Mason Covey, Logan Williams, Dave Waggoner, Sr., Dalton Fleenor, Doug Asbury, Justin Robertson, Jon Ortman, Jason Combs, Felisha Deweese, Drew Montgomery, Josh Hayes, Ted Smith, Forrest Plumlee, Carla Hehman


HEAT ONE: Ron Combs, Robbie Roland, Terry Goff, Michael Koontz, Trent Henderson, Jon Steed(R), Ryan Koontz(R), Ron Hamm-DNF

HEAT TWO: Oogie Goff, Patrick Wolf, Jason Goff, Doug Roland, Jeremy Rainwater, Travis Stickels, Scotty Orme(R), Brandon Ladyman(R)

FEATURE: Oogie Goff, Jason Goff, Terry Goff, Ron Combs, Patrick Wolf, Robbie Roland, Michael Koontz, Doug Roland, Trent Henderson, Jeremy Rainwater, Travis Stickels, Ryan Koontz(R), Jon Steed (R), Brandon Ladyman (R)–DNF, Scotty Orme(R)-DNF, Ron Hamm-DNS