By: Chris Nunn

Brownstown Speedway played host to the $500 to win UMP Pure Stock special event, with Cody Vanosdol leading the entire 25 laps to pick up the win. John Demoss ended the winning streak of his brother Clint at Brownstown Speedway in the UMP Modified division, Bubba Woods picked up another Bomber main, and Mark Barber took his first Indiana Late Model Series victory of the season.

Cody Vanosdol and Jeremy Owens led the field to the green in the 25 lap Pure Stock special event with Vanosdol leading lap one. Brent Howard took second away from Owens at the line. The caution flew on lap two, as Chris Palmer and Willie Sallee spun in turn three. Owens was able to take second back from Howard on the restart right before the caution flew on lap three for the spun car of Brian Sims. The second spot switched hands again on the restart, as Howard moved back around Owens for the spot. Owens battled back to the inside, but was not able to make the move stick. Owens then made the move on lap six, and moved around Howard for second. The caution flew for the third time on lap seven, Tony Harvey looped his mount in turn three. On the restart, Owens made a move on the outside of Vanosdol in turn two for the lead, but couldnt get around. By lap 10, Vanosdol had opened his lead on Owens to about four car lengths. Behind them Aaron Fields and Danny Hupp battled for the fourth position on lap 13. At the halfway point it was Vanosdol, Owens, Howard, Fields, and Hupp rounding out the top five. Hupp took the fourth spot from Fields on lap 14, leaving Fields to fifth. Up front, Vanosdol held a half straightaway lead over Owens as he moved into lapped traffic. Vanosdol had a bit of trouble getting around the lapped car of Brad Kemp, as the two made contact. Vanosdol wasn't out of harms way yet, as a lapped car spun down in front of him. Vanosdol cleared the car, and was able to cruise on to pick up the $500 win in the UMP Pure Stock special.

Jim Pfeiffer and Keaton Streeval made up the front row for the 25 lap Bomber feature with Pfeiffer leading lap one ahead of Streeval and Josh Turner. Turner and Streeval then battled for the second spot on lap three, as that battle turned into a three way dance for the lead. Streeval took his car to the topside and shot around Pfeiffer for the lead on lap six. Pfeiffer battled back under him coming down the backstretch on lap seven. The duo battled side by side on lap eight, with Streeval holding a slight advantage. The duo stayed glued to each others door panels as they clicked off lap 10, with Streeval holding a slight advantage. The yellow flag flew on lap 11, as Todd McDonald spun his mount in turn two. On the restart, Streeval, Turner, and Pfeiffer ran three wide for the lead coming out of turn one. Streeval was able to take the lead all to hisself on lap 12. The top three ran within inches of one another as the field took the halfway signal on lap 13. That battle would be halted on lap 14, as David Waggoner, Jr. spun in turn three, bringing out the yellow. Chaos ensued on the restart, as Bubba Woods, Turner, Pfeiffer, and Streeval all ran in a pack for the lead, with Woods moving from fourth to the lead on lap 15. A multi-car accident in turn two brought out the caution once again on lap 16. With Woods up front, he brought the field to the green on the lap 16 restart. Turner moved around Streeval to take second on the restart, bringing Pfeiffer with him to third. The caution flew once again on lap 17, as McDonald looped his machine in turn two. The restart was brought back due to a spin in turn three by Steven Watson. Watson was deemed to have been taken out, and got his spot back in the running order in sixth. Unfortunately for Watson, his left rear suffered enough damage to render him pitside. The caution flew once again on the restart, as Nathan Baker slowed to a stop on the backstretch. Debris in turn one brought out the fourth caution on the lap 17 restart. The fifth time was the charm as Streeval and Woods battled for the lead. Turner made it three wide for a split second before the top three strung out single file. With five to go Woods held a car length advantage over Streeval and Aaron Fields who took third from Turner. The caution flew on lap 22, as Pfeiffer spun his mount coming out of turn four. When racing resumed, Woods pulled out to a three car advantage over Streeval as they took the two to go signal. Fields moved under Streeval to battle for second. However, Woods was smooth and steady up front, and took the win.

Zak Blackwood and Mark Barber took the 25 lap ILMS Late Model feature event to the green flag, with the two running side by side on lap one for the lead. Barber was able to overtake Blackwood on lap two for the lead, as Blackwood made a move under him on lap three. Barber was able to hold him off, as Steve Godsey battled Eric Varner for third. Up front, Blackwood and Barber dueled once again for the lead, only to see Barber extend his lead to about five car lengths over Blackwood. The caution flew on lap five, as Jason Shipp spun in turn three. On the restart, Alan Magner moved in to battle with Godsey for third, but was not able to make the pass stick on lap seven. The caution flew again on lap seven, as James Griffith spun in turn four. When racing resumed, Barber hit the top shelf and opened up a three car advantage over Blackwood. Godsey sat about four lengths behind Blackwood in third. At the halfway point it was Barber, Blackwood, Godsey, Magner, and Scott Graham making up the top five. Barber and Blackwood split the lapped car of Terry Romans on lap 14 and resumed their battle up front. The caution flew on lap 15, as Steve Davis spun in turn four. When the green came back out, Godsey shot around Blackwood for second, and set his sights on Barber. Behind them, Graham moved around Magner for the fourth position. WIth the top three utilizing the top groove, Barber held a half straight lead over Godsey with five laps to go. With three to go, the lead had grown to about 3/4ths of a straightaway between Barber and Godsey. As the white flag flew, Barber kept it straight and took the checkers over Godsey, Blackwood, Graham, and Magner.

John Demoss and Devin Gilpin made up the front row for the 25 lap UMP Modified feature, with Demoss leading the first lap over Gilpin and Shelby Miles. The caution flew, as Cody Long spun in turn four. Not everyone had crossed the stripe, so a complete restart was ordered. Debris in turn one brought out the caution as it laid in turn one, resulting in another complete restart. The third time was the charm, as Demoss led the first lap ahead of Gilpin and Miles. The caution flew again on lap two, as Long spun once again in turn four. On the restart, Richie Lex shot from fourth to second, but lost the second spot to Gilpin on lap three. On lap five, the top three remained the same, as Clint Demoss battled Jacoby Hines for fifth. Ahead of them, Miles moved around Lex to take third on lap eight. At the same time, Demoss took fifth from Hines. Miles then took the second spot from Gilpin, using the top groove just past the halfway point. The caution flew on lap 15, as Cary Morris spun in turn four. The caution erased the almost full straightaway lead that John Demoss had over Miles. When racing resumed, Lex and Gilpin shot around Miles, putting him back to fourth. Lex took second, with Gilpin taking third. Clint Demoss also moved under Miles to take fourth on lap 16. The yellow flew again on lap 19, as Morris spun again in turn four. When racing resumed, Gilpin moved to second, getting around Lex on lap 20. With four to go, Demoss held a two car advantage over Gilpin as they moved out of turn four. Robbie Gullion brought out the caution on lap 22, as he looped his mount on the backstretch. On the restart, Lex took second from Gilpin just as the caution came out for Clayton Perry, who had spun in turns three and four. With three to go, the green flew on the restart with Demoss in the lead. Gilpin attempted to close in on Demoss as the white flag flew, but would not have enough momentum to take the lead. Demoss held on for the win over Gilpin.

May 22, 2010



HEAT ONE: Zak Blackwood, Eric Varner, Lindsay Wade, Chris Wilson, Tyler Allen, Matt Patus, John Mulligan

HEAT TWO: Mark Barber, Steven Godsey, Alan Magner, Troy Clark, Jason Shipp, James Griffith

HEAT THREE: Scott Graham, Greg Kendall, Steve Davis, Terry Romans, Jeremy Hines, Tony Ogle

FEATURE: Mark Barber, Steve Godsey, Zak Blackwood, Scott Graham, Alan Magner, Eric Varner, Troy Clark, Greg Kendall, Tyler Allen, Chris Wilson, John Mulligan, Steve Davis, Lindsay Wade, Matt Patus, Terry Romans, Jason Shipp, Jeremy Hines, James Griffith


HEAT ONE: Jim Pfeiffer, Levi Lokey, Ryan Goss, Kenny Baker, Josh Hayes, Steven Watson

HEAT TWO: Keaton Streeval, Ronnie Pardue, Nathan Baker, Brady Matheis, Jack Weir, Terry Ross

HEAT THREE: Josh Turner, Aaron Fields, Bubba Woods, Kelly Lee, Todd McDonald, David Waggoner, Jr.

FEATURE: Bubba Woods, Keaton Streeval, Aaron Fields, Josh Turner, Kelly Lee, Jim Pfeiffer, Levi Lokey, Nathan Baker, Steve Watson, Todd McDonald, Dave Waggoner, Jr., Ryan Goss, Kenny Baker


HEAT ONE: Cody Vanosdol, Danny Hupp, Tim Roberts, Donnie Wilson, Mickey Hines, Justin Walters, Brad Kemp, Nick Adams, Justin Patterson, Tom Franks

HEAT TWO: Jeremy Owens, Aaron Fields, Derrick Clegg, Chris Palmer, Willie Sallee, Brian Sims, Brandon Carr, Josh Walters, Steve Kimberlin

HEAT THREE: Brent Howard, Tony Harvey, Mark Hines, Bodi Henry, DJ Holt, April Ditton, Josh Phelps, Brian Ballard, Curt Bennett

CONSI: Justin Walters, Brian Ballard, Brian Sims, Steve Kimberlin, Brad Kemp, Josh Walters, April Ditton, Justin Patterson, Nick Adams, Josh Phelps

FEATURE: Cody Vanosdol, Jeremy Owens, Danny Hupp, Brent Howard, Mickey Hines, Aaron Fields, Tim Roberts, Willie Sallee, Donnie Wilson, Justin Walters, Tony Harvey, Steve Kimberlin, Brad Kemp, Mark Hines, Brian Ballard, Derrick Clegg, Chris Palmer, Brian Sims, Bodi Henry, D.J. Holt


HEAT ONE: John Demoss, Shelby Miles, Clint Demoss, Matt Boknecht, Cary Morris, Greg Amick, Chris Long, Keaton Streeval, Kyle Decker, Anthony Walker

HEAT TWO: Devin Gilpin, Richie Lex, Jacoby Hines, Ryan Thomas, Jared Bailey, Justin Bex, Jimmy Hayden, Chris Moore, Webb Lee, Rick Hudson

HEAT THREE: Matt Bex, Clayton Perry, Robbie Gullion, Dennis Boknecht, Sam Lee, Steve Sheeks, Billy Cooper, Josh Harris, Cody Long

CONSI: Greg Amick, Chris Streeval, Jimmy Hayden, Steve Sheeks, Cody Long, Webb Lee, Billy Cooper, Chris Moore, Rick Hudson, Chris Long, Kyle Decker, Josh Harris

FEATURE: John Demoss, Devin Gilpin, Richie Lex, Clint Demoss, Ryan Thomas, Matt Bex, Shelby Miles, Greg Amick, Jared Bailey, Clayton Perry, Jimmy Hayden, Dennis Boknecht, Jacoby Hines, Steve Sheeks, Sam Lee, Robbie Gullion, Cary Morris, Matt Boknecht, Chris Streeval, Cody Long