Jimmy Owens Takes First Career Jackson 100...
Gilpin and Cain Winners....

Saturday, September 22, 2012 -- "Jackson 100"

BROWNSTOWN, IN (September 22, 2012) - Jimmy Owens of Newport, TN solidified his points lead in the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series by sweeping the weekend at Brownstown Speedway as the defending series champion took home $20,000 for winning the 33rd Annual Jackson 100 on Saturday Night. Owens led all 100-laps Industrial Solutions Technology LLC sponsored event.

Steve Francis of Ashland, KY was the only car capable of staying with Owens early on in the race, but Owens' margin of victory was nearly half-a-lap at the finish. Francis finished second, just ahead of 4-time Jackson 100 winner, Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, TN, who placed third. Mike Marlar of Winfield, TN survived a spirited battle with Earl Pearson, Jr. of Jacksonville, FL and Don O'Neal of Martinsville, IN to claim the fourth spot.

Owens, who started off the weekend by setting fast time on Friday Night, withstood a side-by-side battle with Terry Casey of New London, WI in the first heat to earn the pole starting spot. Owens took the lead at the start of the race with pressure from Francis for the first 24 laps, until the first caution came out.

The restart for Owens was beneficial because he had reached lapped traffic and that was allowing Francis to stay close. Pearson, who started ninth, climbed into third, and was in the hunt. He began battling Francis for third.

There were three more cautions in the race past the halfway mark, but none could slow Owens. Pearson got by Francis for second on lap 63 and held that position until Francis was able to get back around him on a lap 72 restart.

Owens continued to stretch his lead out over Francis in the final 25 circuits as he went on to capture his fifth Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series race of the season and his 34th all-time in series competition. He joins Hall of Famers Bloomquist and Jeff Purvis as fellow Tennesseans to win the prestigious event.

"The car was great all weekend, from the time we unloaded it, the track was good all night, it took a while to get going. I know it was cold out here, but the crew picked the right tires and I just drove it, we had no problems whatsoever," said the 40-year-old who extended his points lead over O'Neal, who finished sixth.

"I want to thank Mike Reece, my car owner, Reece Monument Company, Gantte Appraisals, Red Line Oil, Sunoco Race Fuels, Midwest Sheet Metal, Ohlins, Hoosier, Keyser and everybody else for making this possible," said Owens, whose winning car is a Bloomquist Race Cars Ford powered by a Cornett Racing Engine.

"I was a little worried when they moved those tires out there on the track during that one caution, I set up the car to run low in the moisture, so we had to change our line entering the corner in turn one, but it didn't really matter, we were able to pull away from everybody, it feels good to win here at Brownstown again."

In preliminary action, Jimmy Owens set the Red Buck Fast Time amongst the 40 entrants, with a lap of 15.281 seconds. Jared Landers set the fastest time in Group B with a time of 15.563 seconds. Jimmy Owens, Mike Marlar, Jared Landers and Mike Marlar won their respective Heat Races. John Blankenship and Jonathan Davenport won their respective B-Mains.

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Race Summary

Saturday Night, September 22nd, 2012

33rd Annual Industrial Solutions Technology "Jackson 100"

Red Buck Fast Time Group A: Jimmy Owens / 15.281 seconds

Red Buck Fast Time Group B: Jared Landers / 15.563 seconds

Wiles Driveshafts First Heat (10 Laps - Top 4 Transfer): Jimmy Owens, Terry Casey, Earl Pearson, Jr., Greg Johnson, Tyler Reddick, Chad Stapleton, Dustin Neat, Joe Godsey, Jeremy Hines, Brandon Kinzer

U. S. Steel Second Heat (10 Laps - Top 4 Transfer): Mike Marlar, Eric Wells, Scott Bloomquist, Don O'Neal, John Blankenship, Wayne Chinn, Tim Rivers, Zak Blackwood, Brian Birkhofer, Matt Boknecht-DNS

Simpson Performance Products Third Heat (8 Laps - Top 4 Transfer): Jared Landers, Billy Moyer, Jr., Dustin Linville, Joe Janowski, Jonathan Davenport, Shelby Miles, Scott James, Justin Rattliff, Josh McGuire, Alan Magner

HAWK Brakes Fourth Heat (10 Laps - Top 4 Transfer): Steve Francis, Brad Neat, Shannon Babb, Mike Jewell, Chris Streeval, Greg Kendall, Steve Barnett, Matt Patus, David Ross, Steve Casebolt

JRi Shocks First B-Main (12 Laps - Top 3 Transfer): John Blankenship, Dustin Neat, Tyler Reddick, Wayne Chinn, Joe Godsey, Tim Rivers, Brian Birkhofer, Jeremy Hines, Brandon Kinzer, Zak Blackwood, Chad Stapleton, Matt Boknecht-DNS

PAC Racing Springs Second B-Main (12 Laps - Top 3 Transfer): Jonathan Davenport, Shelby Miles, Scott James, Josh McGuire, Steve Barnett, Greg Kendall, Alan Magner, Matt Patus, Steve Casebolt, David Ross, Justin Rattliff, Chris Streeval

Brownstown Speedway Track Provisional Dash (6 Laps - Winner Transfers): Jeremy Hines, Steve Barnett, Greg Kendall, Chad Stapleton, Matt Patus, Chris Streeval

Feature Finish - 100 Laps


1/1 #20 Jimmy Owens - Newport, TN

2/4 #15 Steve Francis - Ashland, KY

3/11 #0 Scott Bloomquist - Mooresburg, TN

4/3 #5b Mike Marlar - Winfield, TN

5/9 #44 Earl Pearson, Jr. - Jacksonville, FL

6/15 #71 Don O'Neal - Martinsville, IN

7/2 #5 Jared Landers - Batesville, AR

8/5 #42c Terry Casey - New London, WI

9/7 #18e Eric Wells - Hazard, KY

10/6 #21JR Billy Moyer, Jr. - Batesville, AR

11/22 #P1 Scott James - Lawrenceburg, IN

12/17 #23 John Blankenship - Williamson, WV

13/20 #76 Shelby Miles - Bloomington, IN

14/25 #5H Jeremy Hines - Seymour, IN

15/21 #11T Tyler Reddick - Corning, CA

16/13 #24H Greg Johnson - Bedford, IN

17/18 #15d Jonathan Davenport - Blairsville, GA

18/14 #6J Joe Janowski - Carmel, IN

19/24 #46 Tim Rivers - Salem, IN

20/23 #15b Brian Birkhofer - Muscatine, IA

21/19 #25n Dustin Neat - Dunnville, KY

22/10 #D8 Dustin Linville - Lancaster, KY

23/8 #41n Brad Neat - Dunnville, KY

24/12 #18 Shannon Babb - Mowequa, IL

25/16 #9J Mike Jewell - Scottsburg, IN

Race Statistics

Entrants: 40

Lap Leaders: Jimmy Owens (Laps 1 - 100)

Caution Flags: Dustin Neat (Lap 29); Tyler Reddick (Lap 54); Jonathan Davenport (Lap 61); Jeremy Hines (Lap 71)

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisionals: Brian Birkhofer, Tim Rivers
Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Emergency Provisional: none
Red Buck Fast Time Provisional: none
Brownstown Speedway Track Provisional: Jeremy Hines

Optima Batteries Hard Charger of the Race: Don O'Neal (Started 15th; Finished 6th; Advanced 9 positions)
Allstar Performer of the Race: Don O'Neal
Sunoco Race for Gas Highest Finisher: Jimmy Owens
ASi Racewear Challenge Finisher: Jimmy Owens
Quarter Master Rookie of the Race: Jonathan Davenport
COMP Cams Engine Builder of the Race: Cornett Racing Engines
Ohlins Shocks Chassis Builder of the Race: Bloomquist Race Cars
Sweet Mfg Crew Chief of the Race: Chris Fox (Jimmy Owens)
Time of Race: 42 minutes 00 seconds


UMP Modifieds (38 ENTRIES)

HEAT ONE: Randy Shuman , Jeff Stith , Matt Boknecht , Mark Bechelli , Mike Bechelli , Dennis Boknecht , Jared Bailey , Camaron Marlar , Jr Pace , Webb Lee

HEAT TWO: Greg Amick , Matt Hamilton , Vernon Soeder , Broc Burton , Brad Barrow , Steven Godsey , Sam Lee , Gary Barrow , Brent Londeree , Rob Young

HEAT THREE: Derek Groomer , Bradley Sterrett , Ronnie Falloway , Mike Bowersox , Chris Vinnedge , John Trowbridge , John Davis , Jacoby Hines , Gary Rahe Jr.-DNS

HEAT Four: Devin Gilpin , Jeremy Owens , Jason Thomas , Matt Bex , Richie Lex , Joe Godsey , Kyle Schornick , Tommy Bailey , Jerry Davis

B-MAIN 1: Mike Bechelli , Dennis Boknecht , Jared Bailey , Webb Lee , John Trowbridge , Gary Rahe Jr. , Jacoby Hines , Camaron Marlar , Chris Vinnedge , Jr Pace , John Davis

B-MAIN 2: Richie Lex , Brad Barrow , Joe Godsey , Tommy Bailey , Kyle Schornick , Gary Barrow , Jerry Davis , Sam Lee , Steven Godsey , Brent Londeree-DNS , Rob Young-DNS

FEATURE: Devin Gilpin , Matt Hamilton , Matt Boknecht , Bradley Sterrett , Matt Bex , Jeremy Owens , Richie Lex , Broc Burton , Jason Thomas , Dennis Boknecht , Brad Barrow , Jeff Stith , Vernon Soeder , Mike Bowersox , Mike Bechelli , Ronnie Falloway , Mark Bechelli , Derek Groomer , Greg Amick , Randy Shuman

Super Stocks (28 ENTRIES)

HEAT ONE: Jack Frye , Rick Gumm , Jerry Adams , Travis Butler , Greg Owens , Bobby Davis , Jeff Hehman , Tim Schumpe , Jamey Wilson , Travis Howe-DNS

HEAT TWO: Tyler Cain , Jason Hehman , David Brewer , Jeremy Helton , Dustin Petro , Josh Turner , Jim Hume , Jim Bailey , Danny Blackwell

HEAT THREE: Tim Clark , Robert Paris , Jason Combs , Steve Hollars , Tom Ault , Larry Booher , Scott Barker , Joe Johnson , Cullen Goodman

B-MAIN: Cullen Goodman , Jeff Hehman , Jamey Wilson , Travis Howe , Tim Schumpe , Joe Johnson , Jim Hume , Jim Bailey , Scott Barker , Danny Blackwell-DNS

FEATURE: Tyler Cain , Tim Clark , Robert Paris , Jack Frye , Cullen Goodman , Jeremy Helton , David Brewer , Steve Hollars , Dustin Petro , Jason Combs , Rick Gumm , Tom Ault , Bobby Davis , Larry Booher , Greg Owens , Josh Turner , Jerry Adams , Travis Butler , Jason Hehman , Jeff Hehman