Tim Rivers Takes First Late Model Victory...
Gumm Gets 3rd Win / Allen, Carr, Napier, Goodson Winners...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

By Chris Nunn

Rusty Schlenk and Shannon Reed made up the front row for the 25 lap Late Model main event with Schlenk leading lap one over Dillan White and Reed. A three way battle began for third between Tim Rivers, Devin Gilpin, and Reed, with Rivers taking the spot. Rivers then took second from White on lap four, and began to set his sights on Schlenk in the lead. During all of this, Kent Robinson, who had to start on the tail due to rear-end issues had worked his way to ninth by lap ten. Rivers had caught Schlenk in lapped traffic, and moved to within a half car length on lap 13. Rivers moved to the lead, moving under Schlenk coming out of turn four on lap 14. Behind the top two, White hopped the cushion, allowing Reed to move by for the third spot with just six laps remaining. With five to go, Rivers held a five car advantage over Schlenk in second. White was able to reel Reed back in for third, but couldn’t make the pass. Up front however, it was all Rivers, who had a couple of lapped cars tangle in front of him coming out of turn four. It wasn’t able to stop him, as he took the checkers for his first ever win at the Brownstown Speedway.

Darren Crawhorn and Dusten Carr led the Pure Stock feature field to the green with Carr leading the first lap over Crawhorn and Jason Combs. Combs then took the second spot from Crawhorn on lap three, and then the lead away from Carr on lap four. Combs began to pull away from Carr on lap six as they moved into lapped traffic. By lap eight, Combs held a half straight lead over Carr, who was one car length ahead of Crawhorn. At the halfway point, disaster struck Combs while leading, as the right rear tire blew on his car, giving the lead to a smoking Crawhorn. With five laps to go, Crawhorn had two lapped cars between he and the second place Carr. The caution flew on lap 15, as Butch Bennett spun in turn two. On the restart, Crawhorn bolted out to a four car length advantage over Carr. It seemed to be that the lead was not the place you wanted to be, as Crawhorn broke coming down the frontstretch, giving the lead to Carr. The caution flew with just two to go, as Bennett stopped outside of turn three. When racing resumed, Carr was able to maintain the lead until the checkers, taking his second win on the season at Brownstown

Devin Gilpin and Nick Allen made up the front row for the UMP Modified main with Gilpin leading lap one over Allen. Allen and Ryan Thomas began to battle for the second spot on lap three, with Allen holding him off on lap four. Allen then shot up to battle Gilpin for the lead on lap five. The caution would fly on lap five, as Nathan Mensendiek spun coming out of turn two. On the restart, Thomas was able to take second from Allen, only to see Allen take the spot back on lap seven. Allen and Gilpin battled for the lead on lap eight, with Gilpin slamming the door shut on a bottom groove charge by Allen. Allen was able to take the lead from Gilpin on lap ten, moving by him on the backstretch. Gilpin took the lead back briefly on lap 12, only to see Allen take it back on lap 13. Gilpin took the lead back on lap 15, with five to go, only to see Allen take it back on lap 16. The top two ran neck and neck until the white flag flew, as Allen held the lead by two car lengths. A caution flew for Chad Spencer, relegating the field back to the last scored lap of lap 18. Allen was able to take advantage of a good restart, and took the checkers, breaking Gilpins four race winning streak in the process

Travis Howe and Rick Gumm led the Super Stock feature to the green flag, with Gumm leading lap one over a dead heat for second between Howeand Randy Petro. Petro took the second spot, just before he and Howe gottogether in turns three and four, causing a six car pile up in turn three. Onthe restart, Gumm immediately pulled out to a six car advantage over the second place battle between David Brewer and Danny Hupp. Hupp was able to take second away from Brewer on lap six, as Brewer flew off of the turn three banking, and out of the race. At the halfway point, it was Gumm, Hupp, Kevin Jones, Jason Combs, and Levi Lokey completing the top five. Jones, however, looped his car in turn four, collecting Lokey and Aaron Fields. On the restart, Gumm pulled away from Hupp once again, but Hupp had Combs all over his tail for the second spot. Combs tried to get under Hupp for second on lap 15, but Hupp was too strong on the highside. Behind them, Fields had piloted Jim Pfeiffers Bomber-turned-Super Stock into the top five. The caution flew with just four laps to go on lap 16, as Aubrey Eagan spun in turn four. On the restart, Fields moved to third, getting around Hupp on lap 18. Gumm would take the win, ahead of Fields, who nipped Combs at the line for second.

Tim Goodson led every lap of the 15 lap Mini Stock main event, outlasting Doug Basham, who nipped him at the line in the heat race. Basham was running in second most of the race, but the former WWE Wrestling Superstar lost fluid out of the back of his car, and lost numerous positions at the finish. Following Goodson to the checkers was JT Huffman and Basham.

Wesley Napier took control of the Hornet feature event, and led every lap en route to his first win of the season, backing up his runner upfinish last weekend.


LATE MODELS (16 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Rusty Schlenk, Dillan White, Tim Rivers, Mark Barber, Mason Covey, Shannon Allen, Tom Ault, Kent Robinson

HEAT TWO: Shannon Reed, Adam Bowman, Devin Gilpin, Dusty Chapman, Tyler Allen, Matt Patus, Britan Godsey, Greg Kendall

FEATURE: Tim Rivers, Rusty Schlenk, Shannon Reed, Dillan White, Mark Barber, Devin Gilpin, Tyler Allen, Kent Robinson, Adam Bowman, Mason Covey, Dusty Chapman, Shannon Allen, Greg Kendall, Tom Ault, Britan Godsey, Matt Patus

UMP MODIFIEDS (26 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Devin Gilpin, Brad Barrow, Chad Spencer, Jeremy Owens, Randy Tarter, Derek Groomer, Matt Bex, Jake Humphrey-DNS, Andrew Davis-DNS

HEAT TWO: Nick Allen, David Mielke, John Demoss, JasonThomas, David Bumgardner, Nathan Mensendiek, Jarod Fleetwood, Aaron Cox-DNS

HEAT THREE: Ryan Thomas, Bradley Sterrett, Dennis Boknecht,Jacoby Hines, Blake Davis, Rob Manley, Eli Johnson, Earl Plessinger, Chad Combs-DNS

CONSI: Matt Bex, Eli Johnson, Jarod Fleetwood, Andew Davis, Jake Humphrey-DNS, Aaron Cox-DNS, Earl Plessinger-DNS, Chad Combs-DNS

FEATURE: Nick Allen, Devin Gilpin, Ryan Thomas, David Mielke, John Demoss, Derek Groomer, Bradley Sterrett, Jacoby Hines, Jeremy Owens, Matt Bex, Blake Davis, David Bumgardner, Chad Spencer, Rob Manley, Nathan Mensendiek, Randy Tarter, Eli Johnson, Dennis Boknecht, Jason Thomas, Brad Barrow

SUPER STOCKS (21 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Travis Howe, Randy Petro, Larry Booher, Bubba Woods, Jason Combs, Danny Blackwell, Levi Lokey

HEAT TWO: Rick Gumm, Tyler Cain, Kevin Jones, Jim Pfeiffer, Sean Mikels, Jeremy Helton, Linsday Wade-DNS

HEAT THREE: Danny Hupp, David Brewer, Tim Schumpe, Mitchell Maxie, Aaron Fields, Aubrey Eagan, Jamey Wilson

FEATURE: Rick Gumm, Aaron Fields, Jason Combs, Danny Hupp, Larry Booher, Levi Lokey, Tim Schumpe, Sean Mikels, Mitchell Maxie, Aubrey Eagan, Kevin Jones, David Brewer, Randy Petro, Travis Howe, Tyler Cain-DNS, Bubba Woods-DNS, Jim Pfeiffer-DNS, Danny Blackwell-DNS, Jeremy Helton-DNS, Lindsay Wade-DNS, Jamey Wilson-DNS

PURE STOCKS (21 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Darren Crawhorn, Jeff Helton, Rusty Smiley, Alan Cook, Mike Tuell, Josh Hayes-DNS

HEAT TWO: Dusten Carr, Jim Ruddick, Chris Workman, Scotty Beeler, Rob Wilson, Jason Box, Jon Ortman

HEAT THREE: Jason Combs, Shayne Wilson, Curt Bennett, Jason Basham, Butch Bennett, Vern Albertson, Brad Kemp, John Taylor

FEATURE: Dusten Carr, Chris Workman, Curt Bennett, Scotty Beeler, Shayne Wilson, Rob Wilson, Jason Box, Butch Bennett, Jason Basham, John Taylor, Darren Crawhorn, Mike Tuell, Rusty Smiley, Jeff Helton, Jon Ortman, Jason Combs, Vern Albertson, Alan Cook, Jim Ruddick-DNS, Josh Hayes-DNS, Brad Kemp-DNS

MINI STOCKS (8 Entries)

HEAT: Doug Basham, Tim Goodson, JT Huffman, Pat Sullivan, Warren Lucas, Rob White, Kris Lucas, Jarod Fleetwood-DNS

FEATURE: Tim Goodson, JT Huffman, Doug Basham, Warren Lucas, Rob White, Kris Lucas, Pat Sullivan, Jarod Fleetwood-DNS

HORNETS (15 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Wesley Napier, Jacob Owens, Daniel Morgan, Mike Miller, Aaron Seay, Trent Wyzard, Jim Bergin-DNS, Rob White-DNS

HEAT TWO: Alex Terrell, Matt Hamilton, Frank Robertson, Dallas Bowman, Tom Matthews, James Lane, Joshua Wright

FEATURE: Wesley Napier, Daniel Morgan, Jacob Owens, Mike Miller, Dallas Bowman, Matt Hamilton, Aaron Seay, Frank Robertson, Trent Wyzard, Alex Terrell, James Lane, Tom Matthews, Jim Bergin-DNS, Joshua Wright-DNS, Rob White-DNS