Kent Robinson is "Born Free 40" MARS Super Late Model Winner...
O'Neal, Gilpin, Sullivan and Huebner Feature Winners....

BROWNSTOWN, INDIANA – July 7, 2018 – The MARS Super Late Model Racing Series would make its first visit of the 2018 season to the historic Brownstown Speedway in Brownstown, IN for the 4th Annual Born Free 40 and when the checkered flag fell at the famed Jackson County Fairgrounds Ľ mile clay oval, Kent Robinson of Bloomington, Ind. would enjoy the spoils of victory as he would see the checkered flag first and score a $5,500 payday.

The victory for Robinson was his first career MARS Super Late Model Series victory, earning him an extra $500 for his efforts and would come aboard his JB’s Salvage, JB’s Disposal Service, Jones Oil, Midwest Sheet Metal, Keyser Manufacturing, VP Racing Fuel sponsored #7r MB Customs Chassis powered by a Jay Dickens Race Engine.

Tanner English would grab the initial lead at the start of the MARS Super Late Model Series 4th Annual Born Free 40 main event, with Devin Gilpin, Steve Casebolt, Kent Robinson, and G.R. Smith giving chase. Robinson would take the third position from Casebolt on lap three as the first caution of the event flew one circuit later for Steve Godsey, who had went over the banking in turn three. The restart would see Robinson motor to the outside on Gilpin in turn one and grab the race lead from English entering turn three, going from third to first on the lap four restart, while Zak Blackwood would make his way into the top five on lap five. Robinson would maintain a comfortable lead at this point in the event and would start the process of working slower traffic on lap thirteen, allowing English to close in on Robinson. Smith would draw the second caution of the race when his machine slowed on the frontchute on lap eighteen and would be pushed to the pit area, done for the event. The restart would see Gilpin drive past English for the second position, with Shelby Miles working past Blackwood for the fifth spot. Gilpin would attempt a slidejob pass on Robinson for the lead in turn four on lap twenty, however, could not clear Robinson and Robinson would remain in the lead. The final caution of the event waved on lap twenty-one when John Clippinger would slide over the turn two banking to slow the action. The restart would see Robinson maintain the lead, while Gilpin and English traded the runner-up slot on consecutive laps before Gilpin secured the position on lap twenty-three. Robinson would build a comfortable lead again at this point, but his pace would slowed somewhat when he began working lapped traffic on lap thirty-one. Gilpin would close in on Robinson at this point, but Robinson would work the slower traffic masterfully and had pulled away from Gilpin by lap thirty-five. Miles and Blackwood would continue their struggle for the fifth position, while getting it for good on lap thirty-seven. Robinson would score a 3.055 second victory over Gilpin at the finish, with English settling for the third position. Casebolt would capture a fourth-place finish, while Miles would complete the top five. The remainder of the top ten finishers would be Greg Johnson, Tim Manville, Blackwood, seventeenth starting Jackie Boggs, and Brad Barrow.

The MARS Super Late Model Racing Series next events will be Friday August 3 at Bloomington Speedway in Bloomington, IN, paying $3,000 to win and Saturday August 4 at Brownstown Speedway in Brownstown, IN for the 14th Annual Hall of Fame Classic, paying $10,000 to win, with the Brownstown event being co-sanctioned by Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series presented by

Further information on the MARS Super Late Model Racing Series can be obtained by calling Promoter/Race Director Chris Tilley at (606) 219-1723 or by visiting the official series website located at

Official Summary of Results
Time of Race: 20 minutes, 29 seconds
Margin of Victory: 3.055 seconds
Yellow Flags: 3 (Lap 4, 18, 21)
Red Flags: None
Lap Leaders: Tanner English 1-3, Kent Robinson 4-40
Entries: 27
Wiles Driveshafts Overall Top Qualifier: Tanner English 14.132
Provisional Starters: Caleb Ashby

Heat One Finish (10 laps/top 5 transfer)- Tanner English, Steve Casebolt, Zac Blackwood, John Clippinger, John Baker, Lee Williams, Jackie Boggs, Steve Godsey, Karlie Holt

Heat Two Finish (10 laps/top five transfer)- G.R. Smith, Devin Gilpin, Greg Johnson, Alan Magner, Dean Carpenter, Caleb Ashby, Derek Bottoms, Joe Deckard, Robert Tincher

Heat Three Finish (10 laps/top five transfer)- Kent Robinson, Tim Manville, Shelby Miles, Adam Bowman, Brad Barrow, Brent McKinnon, Troy Warrick, Geraid Gault (DNS-Brayton Laster)

B-Main One Finish (10 laps/top six transfer)- Steve Godsey, Jackie Boggs, Brent McKinnon, Karlie Holt, Troy Worrick, Joe Deckard, Geraid Gault, Derek Bottoms, Robert Tincher, Lee Williams, Caleb Ashby (DNS-Brayton Laster)

Feature Results for MARS Super Late Model Racing Series at Brownstown Speedway in Brownstown, IN on July 7, 2018
1. Kent Robinson-Bloomington, Ind.
2. Devin Gilpin-Columbus, Ind.
3. Tanner English-Benton, Ky.
4. Steve Casebolt-Richmond, Ind.
5. Shelby Miles-Bloomington, Ind.
6. Greg Johnson-Bedford, Ind.
7. Tim Manville-St. Jacob. Ill.
8. Zak Blackwood-Columbus, Ind.
9. Jackie Boggs-Grayson, Ky.
10. Brad Barrow-Bloomington, Ind.
11. Dean Carpenter-Coldwater, Miss.
12. Alan Magner-North Vernon, Ind.
13. Caleb Ashby-Cunningham, Tenn.
14. John Clippinger-Evansville, Ind.
15. Brent McKinnon-Carlyle, Ill.
16. Steve Godsey-Bedford, Ind.
17. Karlie Holt-Orleans, Ind.
18. G.R. Smith-Statesville, N.C.
19. Adam Bowman-Seymour, Ind.
20. John Baker-French Lick, Ind.
21. Troy Worrick-Marion, Ind.
22. Joe Deckard-Martinsville, Ind.


"Print Worx" ILMS Pro Late Models (19 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Tyler Neal , Steve Godsey , Chad Combs , Brian Wilhite , Justin Bowling , Dusty Chapman , Barry Gerkin

HEAT TWO: Tyler Cain , Raymond Humphrey , Steve Peeden , Mike Bechelli , Chris Workman , Keegan Cox

HEAT THREE: Marty O'Neal , Skyller Lewis , Britan Godsey , Nathan Vawter , Joey Jones , Zack Burton

FEATURE: Marty O'Neal , Raymond Humphrey , Tyler Neal , Tyler Cain , Steve Peeden , Skyller Lewis , Steve Godsey , Chad Combs , Britan Godsey , Brian Wilhite , Chris Workman , Mike Bechelli , Nathan Vawter , Justin Bowling , Keegan Cox , Dusty Chapman , Joey Jones , Zack Burton , Barry Gerkin-DNS

"A&K Excavating" UMP Modifieds (22 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Devin Gilpin , Jeremy Owens , Roy Bruce Jr. , Austin Burton , Dave Baldwin , Brayden Watson , Tad Cheek , Derrick Huber

HEAT TWO: Tim Rivers , Jarod Fleetwood , Brad Barrow , Michael Fish , Josh Eads , Dennis Boknecht , Jason Kibby

HEAT THREE: Earl Plessinger , Willie Madison , Jamey Wilson , Blake Davis , Andy Carver , John Trowbridge , Logan Mounce

FEATURE: Devin Gilpin , Earl Plessinger , Tim Rivers , Jeremy Owens , Roy Bruce Jr. , Michael Fish , Brad Barrow , Jamey Wilson , Dave Baldwin , Brayden Watson , Willie Madison , Austin Burton , Dennis Boknecht , Logan Mounce , Josh Eads , Blake Davis , John Trowbridge , Andy Carver , Jarod Fleetwood , Tad Cheek , Jason Kibby , Derrick Huber

"Woolston Automotive" Super Stocks (24 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Aubrey Eagan , Colton Sullivan , Jt Huffman , Jeff Wilson , Craig Markel , Zach Sasser , Quintin Strope , Mike Fields

HEAT TWO: Jason Hehman , Jeremy Helton , Tim Schumpe , Matt Terry , David Brewer , Jim Ruddick , Tom Plotz , Dan Morgan

HEAT THREE: Tucker Chastain , Jack Frye , Jerry Adams , Steve Hollars , Webb Lee , Tom Ault , Charles Newby , Justin Jeffries

B-MAIN: Quintin Strope , Justin Jeffries , Charles Newby , Tom Plotz , Dan Morgan , Mike Fields-DNS

FEATURE: Colton Sullivan , Aubrey Eagan , Jason Hehman , Jeremy Helton , Tim Schumpe , Jt Huffman , Jack Frye , Jeff Wilson , Tucker Chastain , Jim Ruddick , Steve Hollars , David Brewer , Webb Lee , Quintin Strope , Zach Sasser , Tom Ault , Justin Jeffries , Craig Markel , Jerry Adams , Matt Terry

"Pewter Hall" Pure Stocks (22 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Jeremy Huebner , Mickey Hines , Keaton Streeval , Seth Hull , Brian Corbin , Brent McMillan , Kevin Streeval , Daniel Hall-DNS

HEAT TWO: Rick Gumm , Tory Routier , Zachary Stalker , Josh Hayes , Darren Crawhorn , Allie Eagan , Bryson Clark

HEAT THREE: Troy Clark , Derek Clegg , Donnie Wilson , Roger Absher , Corey Southern , Derek Powell , Tanner Chastain

FEATURE: Jeremy Huebner , Troy Clark , Mickey Hines , Keaton Streeval , Derek Clegg , Zachary Stalker , Bryson Clark , Rick Gumm , Seth Hull , Tory Routier , Donnie Wilson , Josh Hayes , Derek Powell , Allie Eagan , Tanner Chastain , Brian Corbin , Roger Absher , Corey Southern , Brent McMillan , Kevin Streeval , Darren Crawhorn-DNS , Daniel Hall-DNS