Kent Robinson is MARS Super Late Model Winner...
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BROWNSTOWN SPEEDWAY - 04/13/2019 - MARS Racing Series Super Late Models

Robinson Outduels Gilpin for Schaeffer’s Oil MARS Triumph at Brownstown Speedway

By Michael Despain

BROWNSTOWN, INDIANA – April 13, 2019 – The Schaeffer’s Oil MARS Super Late Model Racing Series would return to action on Saturday evening at the historic Brownstown Speedway in Brownstown IN with $5,000 up for grabs and Kent Robinson of Bloomington, IN would take the victory at the Ľ mile Jackson County Fairgrounds dirt oval as he would best Devin Gilpin for the win in an event that saw five lead changes.

Robinson’s victory would be his second career Schaeffer’s Oil MARS Super Late Model Racing Series win and he would also become the third different winner in three races so far this season. The winning entry of Robinson would be his JB’s Salvage, JB’s Disposal Service, Jones Oil, Midwest Sheet Metal, Keyser Manufacturing, VP Racing Fuel sponsored #7r MB Customs Race Car powered by a Jay Dickens Race Engine.

Polesitter Devin Gilpin would take the lead entering turn one at the start of the event, however, third-place starting Kent Robinson would pull alongside Gilpin entering turn three and would have the top spot as the field completed lap one. Steve Casebolt would settle into the third spot, while seventh-place starting Justin Rattliff would have fourth by lap two, with Greg Johnson in fifth. The field would begin to settle in for the forty-lap contest when caution for a slowed Jared Bailey on the backchute would slow the action on lap seven. The restart would see Gilpin dive to the bottom in turn one and make a pass on Robinson for the lead, while Rattliff would challenge Casebolt for the third position and take the spot on lap nine. Robinson would close back in on Gilpin for the race lead and reclaim the top position on lap thirteen, only to have Gilpin go back around him for the top spot one circuit later on lap fourteen. The caution would fly on lap fifteen when Scott James slowed in turn four and would go to the work area and would return to action. The restart would see a four-car tangle on the frontchute that involved Steve Godsey, Larry Greer, Victor Lee, and Broc Burton, with Lee and Burton unable to continue. The restart would see Gilpin maintain the lead, with Robinson and Rattliff giving chase, while Chad Stapleton would pressure Casebolt for fourth and take the spot, only to have Casebolt retake fourth one tour later on lap sixteen. Robinson would again mount a charge on Gilpin for the lead and Robinson would take the top position again on lap eighteen. The action would be slowed again on lap twenty when Robby Hensley would slow at the entrance to turn three.

The attempted restart would see the final caution flag of the event wave when Steve Godsey would spin in turn two after clipping one of the infield tire barriers and his night would be done. The final restart would see some wild action as Robinson and Gilpin got a great restart, but the battle for third would get hotly contested as the quartet of Rattliff, Casebolt, Stapleton, and Greg Johnson would enter turn three four-wide for the spot, with Johnson coming out in third. Eleventh-place starter Dean Carpenter would also begin to roll up through the pack, as he would go to fifth on lap twenty-three and claim the fourth spot on lap twenty-five. Robinson would begin to pull away from Gilpin at this point in the event, while Carpenter continued his bottom-feeding charge by taking third from Johnson on lap twenty-nine. Robinson would start working slower traffic on lap thirty-two, but with five laps remaining, Gilpin would begin to close in on the leader. As the lead-pair exited turn two in the final laps, Gilpin would make a charge off the bottom of the turn to make a last-ditch effort for the win, but Robinson would hold on and take the win over Gilpin by 0.589 seconds. Carpenter would settle for third, Casebolt and Johnson completed the top five. The remainder of the top ten finishers would be Stapleton, Tanner English, James, Frank Heckenast, Jr., and Brad Barrow.

MARS Super Late Models (29 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Devin Gilpin, Greg Johnson, Brad Barrow, Victor Lee, Larry Greer, Dusty Chapman, Scott Young, Robbie Hensley

HEAT TWO: Kent Robinson, Justin Rattliff, Dean Carpenter, Broc Burton, Steve Godsey, Jerry Denson, Brayton Laster

HEAT THREE: Scott James, Chad Stapleton, Tanner English, Jared Bailey, David Seibers, Justin Shaw, Alan Magner

HEAT FOUR: Steve Casebolt, Frank Heckenast Jr., Shelby Miles, Wes Leigh, Austin Burns, Jose Parga, Lee Williams

B-MAIN 1: Steve Godsey, Robbie Hensley, Larry Greer, Dusty Chapman, Scott Young, Brayton Laster, Jerry Denson-DNS

B-MAIN 2: David Seibers, Alan Magner, Austin Burns, Lee Williams, Jose Parga, Justin Shaw,

FEATURE: Kent Robinson, Devin Gilpin, Dean Carpenter, Steve Casebolt, Greg Johnson, Chad Stapleton, Tanner English, Scott James, Frank Heckenast Jr., Brad Barrow, Justin Rattliff, David Seibers, Jared Bailey, Larry Greer, Wes Leigh, Alan Magner, Shelby Miles, Robbie Hensley, Steve Godsey, Victor Lee, Broc Burton, Jose Parga

"P3 Racing" ILMS Pro Late Models (15 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Raymond Humphrey, Steve Peeden, Britan Godsey, Trent Low, Brad Barrow, Justin Bowling, Caleb Schryer, Edgar Godsey

HEAT TWO: Shelby Miles, Issac Rainey, Zack Burton, Tyler Neal, Justin Shaw, Trent Bailey, Barry Gerkin

FEATURE: Shelby Miles, Steve Peeden, Justin Shaw, Raymond Humphrey, Zack Burton, Britan Godsey, Brad Barrow, Trent Low, Edgar Godsey, Barry Gerkin, Justin Bowling, Trent Bailey, Tyler Neal, Issac Rainey, Caleb Schryer

"Knight Drainage and Excavating" Modifieds (13 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Jordan Wever, Brayden Watson, Victor Lee, Cole Falloway, Lucas Wehmiller, Jarod Fleetwood, John Trowbridge

HEAT TWO: Matt Boknecht, Hunt Gossum, Tim Rivers, Blaze Melton, Levi Godsey, Michael Wesselman

FEATURE: Brayden Watson, Jordan Wever, Victor Lee, Hunt Gossum, Matt Boknecht, Tim Rivers, Cole Falloway, Blaze Melton, Lucas Wehmiller, Michael Wesselman, Jarod Fleetwood, John Trowbridge, Levi Godsey-DNS

"Woolston Automotive" Super Stocks (18 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Jamey Wilson, Matt Boknecht, Steve Hollars, Tim Schumpe, Trey Chastain, Brad Frye, Tommy East, Tyler Cooper, Tom Plotz

HEAT TWO: Tucker Chastain, Josh Divine, Marty Cooper, Zach Sasser, Dave Shelton, Matt Terry, Webb Lee, Sam Lee, Dana McRae

FEATURE: Jamey Wilson, Josh Divine, Steve Hollars, Tim Schumpe, Matt Boknecht, Brad Frye, Matt Terry, Webb Lee, Zach Sasser, Trey Chastain, Tommy East, Sam Lee, Tyler Cooper, Tucker Chastain, Dave Shelton, Tom Plotz, Marty Cooper, Dana McRae

"Pewter Hall" Pure Stocks (12 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Rick Gumm, Jeremy Huebner, David Palmer, James Simmons, Aj Warren, Eli Williams

HEAT TWO: Zachary Stalker, Michael Cranmer, Kevin Applegate, Tanner Chastain, Donnie Wilson, Allen Waltermire-DNS

FEATURE: Rick Gumm, Zachary Stalker, Michael Cranmer, David Palmer, Jeremy Huebner, Aj Warren,, James Simmons, Kevin Applegate, Eli Williams, Tanner Chastain, Donnie Wilson, Allen Waltermire-DNS