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Nosepiece and roof must match body style of car.
All cars must have a minimum of one and one half-inch ( 1 1/2") roll at top of fenders, doors and quarter panels. A sharp edge will NOT be permitted. Body roll MUST go from sides over upper body, not upper body over sides.
Floorboards and firewall must cover the driver's area and be constructed to provide maximum safety.
Driver's seat MUST remain in the same general area as the general design of the car. Windshield screen or bars are MANDATORY. Neatly painted numbers at least eighteen inches (18") high is required on each side of the car and ROOF. No fins or raised lips of any kind permitted anywhere along the entire length of the car. Body line must be a smooth even line from front to rear. NO "slope nose" wedge cars permitted.
ALL cars must use corresponding engine. EXAMPLE: Ford-Ford, Chevy-Chevy, Mopar-Mopar.
NO "Belly pans" or any type of enclosure on bottom of car is permitted. Skid plate to protect oil pan is permitted.
Stock Nosepiece's plus Roof and Roof Supports MUST match. EXAMPLE: Ford-Ford, Chevy-Chevy.

Stock nosepiece must be of molded type material. 2-piece nose must be fastened together in center. No spacers to gain width. Maximum 46" from center of hub to furthest point extruding forward. Front fender flares must be made of plastic, and cannot alter original shape of nosepiece. Front fender flares cannot extend beyond front tire track width with wheels pointed straight. Front fender flares must have collapsible supports (not steel supports).

Must be stock appearing and mounted level. Roof must be curved. NO flat or odd shaped roofs permitted.
Forty-five inch (45") minimum height from ground. Forty-eight inch (48") maximum height from ground.
Must be mounted parallel to body and near center of car.
A maximum on inch (l") roll, turned downward, is permitted along the rear edge of the roof. (Roll permitted to help strengthen roof.)
All roof side panels must extend to edge of body, be flat, must be stock OEM size and must be of same make and model as nosepiece.
Any sun shields, four-inch (4") maximum, must be able to hinge for easy exiting of car.
Front posts must be flat and uniform width from top to bottom four inch (4") maximum width.

Must be level and flat from left to right side of car. Fenders NOT permitted to gain height from rear to front of car.
NO part of fender or hood can be outside of the bodyline. Thirty-four (34") inch maximum front fender height. Height is measured vertically from ground to top of fender at center of front wheels.
At NO point can door sides break in toward center of car. Door material including skirt, 32" maximum top to bottom both sides.

NO offset quarter panels permitted. MUST be equally tapered towards the center of the car. Tire clearance from body must be a minimum of two (2") inches. NO WHEEL SKIRTS allowed. At NO Point can quarter panel sides break in towards center of the car. Rear deck height from the ground to the top of deck is 38".

No aluminum frames or front clips permitted in construction of car.
MINIMUM l04" wheelbase.
The wheel base of all cars must be constructed of two inch by two inch minimum rectangular or square tubing with a minimum of eight inch circumference and a minimum wall thickness of eighty three thousands inch (.083") or round tubing with a minimum 1 3/4" outside diameter and a minimum wall thickness of (.083"). ALL tube frame cars must use 4130 Chrome Molly Steel in construction of frame.
If rear bumper is stubbed, it may only extend a maximum of six inches beyond the frame.
ANY stubbed rear bumper that extends eight inches or more beyond the frame must be rounded and directed towards the front of the car eight inches.

Cars must have a suitable steel roll cage in driver's compartment including headrest.
Side roll bars are MANDATORY and MUST extend into the door panels.
A MINIMUM of three (3) bars MUST be used on the left side of the car. Each bar MUST be a minimum of one and one half inch in diameter with a minimum thickness of ninety-five thousands inch.
Roll cage MUST be welded to the frame.
Roll cage MUST be above the driver's helmet.

Interiors are permitted to be dropped to the middle of the car a maximum of three inches below the top of the doors and a minimum of twelve inches below the roll cage.
Interior must gradually taper up to the quarter panel height and be level for thirty-two inches from rear of the quarter panel.
Interior must be fastened flush at the top of the door and quarter panels and may taper gradually towards the center of the car NOT creating a "lip effect'. MINIMUM of eight inch taper, MAXIMUM three inch drop extending from firewall to rear of door pieces in a continuous line.
Interior must run in a straight line from behind the driver's seat to the rear spoiler.
If interior is flat through the car, it MUST maintain a twelve inch clearance from roll cage for easy exiting from either side of the car.

Rear spoiler is NOT permitted to be suspended above the deck to create a "wing effect".
Rear spoiler MUST begin where quarter panels end. NO extended decks permitted.
Rear spoiler MUST be eight inches maximum, including bend.
Rear Spoiler MUST be seventy-two inch maximum width.

Engines MUST be based on a factory design and MUST be naturally aspirated. Aluminum or steel blocks permitted. Steel block cars get a weight break (see weight limit below).
NO fuel injection devices, electric fuel pumps, turbo chargers or blowers permitted.
Magnetos are permitted. NO dual magnetos.
The engine MUST have an operating self starter.
The engine is permitted to be set back a MAXIMUM of six inches from center of ball joint to front of spark plug hole. Carburetor is limited to one four barrel.
ALL engines limited to one spark plug and two valves per cylinder.

An approved fuel cell, thirty-two gallon MAXIMUM, MUST be securely mounted in the trunk area of the car inside a eighteen gauge metal box supported by two one-eighth inch by two inch steel straps.
A firewall MUST be, installed between the fuel tank and driver's compartment.
ALL fuel cells MUST be completely visible from rear of car. Fuel cell is not permitted to be mounted lower than bottom of quick-change rear-ends.
NO pressurized fuel systems permitted.
Gasoline or Alcohol ONLY is permitted. Nitrous gases or other nitrous additives are NOT permitted.

Drive train MUST have transmission mounted on the rear of the engine and lead to one drive shaft.
NO direct drive or in-out boxes permitted.
Any transmission with working forward and reverse gears is permitted.
Manual transmission MUST be equipped, with an operational clutch.
Automatic transmissions are permitted.
NO "live-axle" rear-ends are permitted.
NO independent rear suspensions are permitted. Floater "wide-five" hub assembly ONLY is permitted.
NO rear offsets. Rear of car cannot extend wider than rear tires.

Hoosier Lm40(rear only) and 1350.
Compound softeners are not permitted. Any "SUSPICIOUS" tires can be retained and analyzed by the promoter for inspection.
MAXIMUM circumference permitted is ninety-three inches. MAXIMUM cross-section width permitted is sixteen and three-quarters inch. MAXIMUM circumference grooving, permitted is eleven inches. Hoops for inspection MUST pass over tire freely. NO buffing off the size or lettering on tires.

Steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, or plastic wheels are permitted.
Wheels MUST be mounted with lug nuts. NO 'knock-off' mounting devices permitted.
MAXIMUM wheel width permitted is fourteen inches.
MAXIMUM width outside of front tires permitted is eighty-eight inches.
MAXIMUM width outside of rear tires permitted is eighty-six inches.
Must be equipped with operational four-wheel braking system.

No remote shock controls or adjusters permitted. NO weight jacks of any kind permitted (this includes fifth coils) ANY driver using remote shock controls or adjusters or weight jacks WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM COMPETITION!

All cars must have mufflers. Shoenfeld 8 inch header mufflers part #83535 or its equivalent.
Mufflers must be mounted close enough to the end of your exhaust to be inspected. Inside of muffler must be visible by flashlight or by reaching in exhaust and touching inside of muffler.
If it can not be inspected will have to change it. Be sure mufflers are mounted solid (no hose clamps).
If your muffler comes off, you will be disqualified for the event. Do not tamper with your mufflers.

No electronic or computerized 'wheel spin" traction-control devices permitted. ANY driver using electronic or computerized 'wheel spin" traction-control devices WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM RACING.

NO batteries permitted to be located in the driver's compartment.
ALL cars MUST have an approved fire extinguisher securely mounted within reach of the driver.

On board HALON fire system highly recommended. Nylon mesh window screen is recommended.
Racing seats & seat belts with shoulder harness are REQUIRED and MUST securely fasten to the car frame.
A driveline "sling" is required.
An approved racing helmet is REQUIRED. Fire resistant drive uniforms are REQURED.
Fire resistant gloves, underwear and socks are recommended.
Eighteen gauge steel or one and one-eighth inch aluminum "cockpit tub" to protect front, sides, and rear of driver is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Driveshaft and weight ballast MUST be painted white or yellow and have number of car painted on them.
Added weight or ballast MUST be securely fastened.

A minimum weight limit is in effect at all events.
All cars must weigh a minimum of twenty-three hundred pounds (2300 lbs.) with driver in the car after the race.
Steel block cars may weigh a minimum of twenty-two hundred pounds (2200 lbs.) with driver in the car after the race.
Note: See Crate section below for cars with Crate engines.

All cars must be in good operational condition and be presentable in appearance, subject to the judgment of the inspecting officials. NO "wings" or "tunnels" of any kind permitted under the car.
NO electronic or computer controlled devices of any kind permitted.
NO rearview mirrors of any kind permitted.
'Tow Hooks" are MANDATORY, and must be able to tow the weight of the car.
"Wheel drapes" and "rear-end drapes ARE NOT PERMI TTED AT ANY TIME.

All GM602 or GM604 sealed Crate Motors will be allowed to weigh a minimum 2200 lbs.
All GM602 & GM604 cars - Maximum 8 spoiler.
All GM525 sealed aluminum Crate Motors will follow UMP rules for weight and spoiler.

NO RADIOS allowed in racecar, on any pit member, or anyone connected with a racecar. If any interference occurs, disqualification will result.

NO DRIVER OR PIT CREW MEMBER shall subject any official or promoter to threats, or abusive or improper language at any time. Any driver or pit crew member who assaults or threatens any official or promoter will be subject to suspension indefinitely from all remaining racing events.



No equipment will be considered as having been approved by reason of having passed through tech inspection unobserved!

It is your responsibility to see that your car is legal. If you have any questions ask! All cars subject to weekly inspection. There will be no admission or pit fee or entry fees returned if your car can not run that night for whatever reason. Remember, rules may not cover every incident that may occur. Therefore, in those situations the decision of the promoter and/or inspecting official is final. If you are asked to make changes to your car you must do so that night, please do not ask if you can run one week like it is. If your car is found illegal after a race, you forfeit all monies, trophies and points for that night.

All drivers are responsible for the actions of their pit crews. Any activity that is deemed to be poor conduct will result in the driver, pit crew member and car owner suspended for a time set forth by the promoter and a fine not exceeding $1000 will have to be paid before you are allowed to race again.

The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events and by participating in these events. All participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of/or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.

The race promoter shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No expressed-or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.


No alcoholic beverages or drugs allowed. Any driver under the influence of either or both of these faces immediate suspension from all activities concerning Brownstown Speedway for a period of time set forth by the promoter.

Rules Effective: Jan 2017