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Bobby Pierce Kicks Off DirtCar Summer Nationals with a Victory...
Nick Hoffman & Tucker Chastain are Winners...

Bobby Pierce

June 15, 2021 - The 2021 DirtCar Summer Nationals kicked off at Brownstown Speedway, Tuesday night. Oakwood, IL driver Bobby Pierce would get the hard fought victory. This would be Pierce's first Hoosier Dirt Classic victory and his 28th career DirtCar Summer Nationals win.

Devin Moran, Tim Lance, Tanner English & Devin Gilpin were all trailing Pierce at the finish. Rounding out the top ten was Joe Godsey, Brian Shirley, Ashton Winger, Mitch McGrath & Chad Finley.

The DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modifieds were also on hand for the event. Nick Hoffman would get the win over Tyler Nicely, Steve Brooks, Jacoby Hines & John Demoss. This is Hoffman's second Brownstown Speedway win for the year.

Tucker Chastain would park his ride in victory lane in "Pewter Hall" Super Stock action. Tucker's second win of the year would come ahead of Mike Fields, Jt Huffman, Craig Markel & Greg Amick.

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DirtCar Announces Summer National Tire Rules...

Brownstown Speedway will kick off the 2021 DirtCar Summer Nationals this
Tuesday, June 15th. Super Late Models will pay $5000 to win for the "38th Hoosier Dirt Classic".

DirtCar has announced the tire rules for the Summer National series.

Click Here >>> for Summer National Tire Rules

Tyler Neal Again in Victory Lane...
Boknecht, Carr, Basham & Johnson Winners...

Tyler Neal

June 12, 2021 -It was a hot night for "Saturday Night Racing" at the Speedway and this year's hotest driver Tyler Neal would get another "P3 Graphix " ILMS Pro Late Model feaure win. Neal has five ILMS Brownstown wins and eight total series wins for 2021.

Steve Peeden, Raymond Humphrey, Tyler Cain & Jesse Tunny all trailed Neal at the finish. The remaining top ten was Colton Sullivan, Robert Rainey, Zack Burton, Austin Burton, Michael Wesselman.

The "Pewter Hall" Super Stocks would have a familiar face in victory lane. Matt Boknecht would take the win ahead of Tucker Chastain, Steve Hollars, Grant Simpson & Tanner Chastain. This would be Boknecht's second Super Stock win of the year.

Dusten Carr would record win number four in "All in 1 Pools" Pure Stock features for the season. Carr would lead Dalton Roark, Keaton Streeval, Brad Kemp & Tommy Fleenor at the finish.

In Crown Vic action, Ronnie Basham III would get his first ever Brownstown Speedway win. Basham finished ahead of Michael Cranmer, Phillip Boudreaux, Billy Heil & Jesse Stewart Jr.

The Hornet division would also have a first time ever Brownstown Speedway feature winner. Zach Johnson would take the checkers ahead of Shannon Walp, Hunter Perry, Davey Waggoner & Curtis Roccia.

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Miles, Hines, Roark, M. Cranmer & Owens Winners...
Dusten Carr & Davey Waggoner Win Make-up Features...

Shelby Miles

May 22, 2021 - For the second week in-a-row, seven feature events were on the card for "Saturday Night Racing" at the Speedway. Seven drivers would visit victory lane in the feature events.

In "P3 Graphix " ILMS Pro Late Model action, the 2020 ILMS champion Shelby Miles would get his first win of the year leading the feature event from flag-to-flag. Miles was followed by Austin Tunny, Steve Peeden, James Edsall and Austin Burton. Rounding out the top ten was Keaton Streeval, Robert Rainey, Zack Burton, Justin Bowling and Dylan Norman.

Jacoby Hines would visit victory lane for the second straight week in "Backwoods Express" Modifieds. Hines would be challenged on the final lap by Jordan Wever, but held on for the win. Jared Bailey, Matt Boknecht and Tim Rivers completed the top five.

"All in 1 Pools" Pure Stocks would have two features for the night. In the make-up feature from 05/08, Dusten Carr would record his third win of the year. Carr would lead Keaton Streeval, Dalton Roark, Josh Hayes and Buddy Stearns at the finish. In the nights regular "All in 1 Pools" Pure Stock feature event, Dalton Roark picked up his secnd win for 2021. Dusten Carr, Edgar Godsey, Bailey Jones, Conner Mertens followed Roark at the finish.

In Crown Vic action, Michael Cranmer recorded his third feature win of the year. Cranmer would take the checkers ahead of Phillip Boudreaux, Jack Roberts, Brian Moore and Billy Heil.

The Hornet division would also run two feature events for the night. Davey Waggoner would get his first ever Brownstown win in the Hornet make-up feature from 05/08. Waggoner would be followed by Jacob Owens, Greg Garrison, Gabe Caudill and Shane Reed. The second Hornet feature of the night would see Jacob Owens record his third win of 2021. Owens was trailed at the finish by Blake Durbin, Davey Waggoner, Kaleb Caudill and Greg Garrison.

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Gilpin, Humphrey, Hines, Chastain & Cranmer Victorious...
Tommy East & Phillip Boudreaux Win Make-up Features...

Devin Gilpin

May 15, 2021 - Seven feature events highlighted "Saturday Night Racing" at the Speedway. Six of the seven feature winners would get their first win of the year at the Speedway, with two drivers recording their first ever Brownstown Speedway feature wins.

Devin Gilpin would visit victory lane for the first time in 2021 at Brownstown in the "Slicker Graphics" Super Late Model feature. Gilpin was trailed at the finish by Jared Bailey, Shelby Miles, Britan Godsey and Alan Edsall. Rounding out the top ten was Skyller Lewis, Ethan Toedter, Mason Covey, Dusty Chapman and Michael Wesselman.

In "P3 Graphix " ILMS Pro Late Model action, Raymond Humphrey would get his first win of the year ahead of Tyler Neal, Steve Peeden, Keaton Streeval and Austin Burton. Sixth thru tenth would be Dylan Norman, Josh Boller, Brad Barrow, Robert Rainey and Justin Bowling.

Jacoby Hines would record his first win of the year in the "Backwoods Express" Modifieds. Hines led Brayden Watson, Zachary Stalker, Karlie Holt and Logan Mounce at the finish.

The "Pewter Hall" Super Stocks would have two features for the night. In the make-up feature from 05/08, Tommy East would pick up his first ever Brownstown win. East would get the win over Brad Cummings, Steve Hollars, Zach Sasser and Tim Eddleman. In the second Super Stock feature of the night, Tucker Chastain would get his first feature of 2021 over Mike Fields, Steve Hollars, Jt Huffman and Tanner Chastain.

The Crown Vics would also run two feature events. The make-up feature from 05/08 would see Phillip Boudreaux visit victory lane for the first time ever at Brownstown. Ryan Seay, Jack Roberts, Greg Greene and Josh Spence would complete the top five. In the second feature of the night, Michael Cranmer would record his second win of the year. Brandon Cranmer, Anthony Finley, Jack Roberts and Trevor Cranmer would follow at the checkers.

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Kyle Larson is Castrol FloRacing Night in America Winner...
Nick Hoffman Gets Modified Victory...

Kyle Larson

May 12, 2021 - The Castrol FloRacing Night in America Series rolled into the Speedway, Wednesday night, for their third race of 2021. Thirty-two highly competitive "Slicker Graphics" Super Late Models were on hand for the $10,000 to win top prize. NASCAR Cup Series star Kyle Larson (Elk Grove, CA) would make an appearance and would get the feature win.

Larson was followed at the checkers by Tanner English, Jonathan Davenport, Brandon Sheppard, Mike Marlar, Tyler Erb, Devin Moran, Darrell Lanigan, Kent Robinson and Bobby Pierce.

Larson was the fastest overall in qualifying with a lap of 12.942. Larson also won his heat race. Other heat race winners were Brandon Sheppard, Mike Marlar and Ricky Thorton Jr.

The "Backwoods Express" Modifieds were also on hand for the evening. Nick Hoffman (Mooresville, NC) would get the Modified win.

Hoffman would lead Tyler Nicely, Jordan Wever, Kyle Hammer and Jacoby Hines at the finish.

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2021 Point

Super Late Models

1. Devin Gilpin #1G
2. Jared Bailey #24
3. Britan Godsey #14B
4. Bobby Pierce #32
5. Devin Moran #9


Super Stocks

1. Jt Huffman #95H
2. Brad Frye #2
3. Zach Sasser #79S
4. Derek Clegg #02
5. Tommy East #12


UMP Modifieds

1. Matt Boknecht #22
2. Jacoby Hines #115
3. Jordan Wever #29J
4. Zachary Stalker #11S
5. Bill Lewis #118L


ILMS Pro Late Models

1. Tyler Neal #20N
2. Steve Peeden #P3
3. Zack Burton #3Z
4. Robert Rainey #12R
5. Justin Bowling #0


Pure Stocks

1. Dusten Carr #36
2. Tommy Fleenor #70
3. Keaton Streeval #14K
4. Donnie Wilson #78
5. Conner Mertens #81



1. Davey Waggoner #10jr
2. Gabe Caudill #21
3. John Graham* #71J
4. Jason Graham #17J
5. Jacob Owens #20J


Crown Vics

1. Michael Cranmer #15
2. Phillip Boudreaux #91
3. Jack Roberts #49
4. Holly Heil #22
5. Joe Murdock #19M


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